Monday, 30 April 2012


In bed with a bug, not serious but limiting, I've been exploring the functions of my phone for the last few days. All those apps I'd downloaded and not had time to play with have been tickled. So, still here, I thought it might be interesting to try a phone post. So here one is. * I got this phone for its camera and all the camera apps I'd noticed other people using, and immediately downloaded a ton of them. My favourite thus far has been instagram, as anyone who sees my Facebook feed will know. When I say 'favourite' what I actually mean is it's the one I've been running with. I'm very much a one thing at a time sort, which is probably why I'm not good in a crowd, and why I can't have a conversation when a tv or radio is on. Now I'm nicely familiar with instagram, and I've had idling time, I've had a look at the others at my disposal and settled on one called true HDR. If I was at my computer I might attempt to give you my understanding of HDR (high dynamic range), but my fingers are already stiffening so... Anyway here are a couple of my first attempts: Bugger, it wouldn't let me do it! Okay, that's it then, a semi-failed blog/phone experiment. *if it works.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A New Normal*

Two months (minus two days) since I shifted lives and I'm beginning to settle. For a while I felt in a land so exotic all I could do was point and say "wow!" Everything seemed new and so exciting I could only react, like a tortoise who'd found itself in a meadow full of delicious wildflowers after years in the desert: amble, sniff, graze, sleep. But my cognitive faculties are wakening now and I'm starting to process again. And feel creative. This means writing and taking lots of photographs.

Today we went to Craigieburn Garden & Nursery for a bit of light wandering and a delicious lunch.

Ham and asparagus quiche.

Vista with prayer flags.

Lenten rose. I love these.

Lichen in the grass, growing, Dave tells me, on a tree root.
Elegant undulations.

Chocolate cake that was so good I continued to stuff it down when I was in danger of popping.

So far writing is limited to jotting down notes in my journal. This I mostly do in the mornings while still in bed, and it's jolly nice. I had vaguely wondered if I'd ever write again because it's been months – at least six, probably nine – since I've been able to, or wanted to, really. But now ideas are filtering in and growing, and the urge to write is back. Must be all this stimulation.

*Thanks to Constance Muller's father for this thesis.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Just to let you know I'm not dead here's a ten minute post.

Life is full of good things at the moment, like a well stocked pantry.

This weekend was the Moffat Music Festival, just about every pub in town (four, it's a small town) had some musical activity going on within. People came from far and wide, and I had a marvellous time. Here are some photos:

Wing and a Prayer, aka Dave (my man) and Jim in the Annandale Arms Hotel for a Blues session.

 Susie Jones and band play at a concert in the Buccleuch Hotel.
Sunday afternoon in the Black Bull, just after the accordion player left and the double bass arrived. 

My ten minutes was up about an hour and a half ago. I had to go and take a loaf out the oven and, naturally, I had to eat some of it too. Then Dave got back from fishing, and after hugs and chat I remembered I had work to do. It's so easy to be distracted these days...