Monday, 31 May 2010


I have some interesting things to share with you, I just need to process a bit further. For now, though, I've just heard that fellow blogger and dear friend in Tucson, Arizona, Parsnip, has just become a granny. Do dot over with greetings. What is it about babies, as I type this tears are running freely down my face?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Ex-seeding expectations

What with one thing and another I'm late to the garden this year. And the harsh winter, combined with me not having been around to rush out and wrap things in fleece, has left me with an awful lot of bare soil and empty pots. So last weekend I bought some plug plants and seeds of fast growing flowering things: snap-dragons and nasturtiums to feed the tortoise (as well as look pretty) and black sunflowers just for me. The back of the sunflower seed pack recommended that if one suffers from beasties to start the plants off inside, so I filled trays with compost, pushed the seeds in, and set them on the bathroom windowsill. The seeds will germinate in 12-14 days, the packet said, so imagine my surprise when this sight met my eyes this morning:

Just five days after planting.

I wonder when it will be safe to put them outside? I'm tempted to go and get another few packs and plant them everywhere. Maybe I'll get some yellow ones too.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Steve Jobs is out of order. I know my rights and one of them is to have my lack of imagination exploited by an insidious industry. Jobs' job is to ensure the porn industry's continuing freedom to exploit, not just me, but all men who can never remember what a tush looks like when the need arises.

To me the porn industry is not unlike boxing: vulnerable youth becomes a commodity for the entertainment of those who can pay, and those who can pay are vulnerable enough.

Thank goodness someone with a voice is making a stand, even if it is a hopeless one as the carpet encrusters are saying.

I don't get the 'freedom of speech' argument that's being used against Jobs. How does pornography come under that banner? Do tell.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Faux Pas Alert

Photo courtesy of Photobucket

I need some advice: first: what does one wear to go out on the town these days? None of my clothes even nod to fashion, the last time I bought an article of clothing it was a warm jumper sometime in the autumn. I almost never go out and usually when I do it's around here where the main criteria is to be clean. But on Saturday I have a date with my two best friends in the big city and it's different there, that much I know. I'm looking forward to it enormously but I don't want to look like their mother or, worse, like I've been shipped in from the asylum. They are both so much younger and cooler than me. I know they won't care what I look like, but I will.

Secondly: I have a new addition to my garden, it's very pretty but I don't know what it is and I have nurtured weeds before only to have them take over. So can anyone tell me if it's safe to water this, or should I pull it up and burn it?

And while I'm showing pictures look at this:

blogging friend extraordinaire Parsnip made it and sent it to me for my birthday last month, gorgeous or what?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Will to Power

I like a bit of uncertainty, it's character building, so I've been enjoying the news over the past few days and am looking forward to seeing how things unfold over the coming weeks and months. I find the speculation enthralling and there are so many interesting people out there with opinions to air, I want to hear them all.

Nick Clegg reminds me of Colin Firth.

David Cameron reminds me why so many people hate the English.

And Gordon Brown reminds me of a man I once heard of who was a genius academically and very kind, but had no idea how to make a cup of tea and often wore odd shoes.

As I was pottering about this morning this song came on my iPod and it seemed so now: