Saturday, 27 October 2007

Walking while chewing gum

A couple of months ago I started a post grad degree in writing. I have been sucked into a world of critically analysing the tools of the writing trade: narrative stance, point of view, free indirect discourse, diegetic, mimetic, motifs... It's like being stuck in a foreign country where they speak English but in a different way, and my life depends on understanding and making myself understood. I spend hours trawling through the work of writers trying to find clues. Then more hours trying to write using what I've learned, using those newly acquired tools. But they are unwieldy in my hands, or rather my brain. So I spend more hours staring into space.

The result: time evaporates. I find I have no clean clothes to wear, no food in the fridge, fifty six unread emails in my inbox: I have done nothing in days, weeks even.

So on Thursday I took some time out to make a timetable factoring in all the things I need to do on a regular basis in order to live a normal life. Hopefully, once this becomes routine I will be able to function fully once more.

I'm not naturally an organised person, I have to impose structure on myself. Each time I take up something new I have to reinvent the wheel to fit it in, or, rather, fit the rest of my life around it because the new thing always takes over for a while.

Anyway, all this is a sort of extended apology for ignoring all my blogging friends but from now on I hope to be back on track. My plan is to spend, a mere, fifteen minutes a day working on a post and another fifteen doing the rounds. Once a week I should then actually be able to post something. I have a squillion ideas for posts knocking about in my head. All I need do now is get them out...

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Inspired by that old bearded rambler I thought I might try an audio blog so here is my favourite innuit tale for you to listen to, hope you enjoy it.