Monday, 11 June 2012


The cake I made my brother for his birthday (I know, I forget the corners).

Thank you all for your well wishes, and apologies for not replying to individual comments on the last post.

We've now had two weekends of flinging Dave at my dearests. On Saturday we met my two bestest friends. And the weekend before we drove to Kent (as you know from the previous post) where he had to undergo the scrutiny of a good deal of my family.

All of this seemed to go extremely well: I noticed no active disliking on either side, and he rather hit it off with the few key people he got to actually have conversations with. My sister Angela particularly impressed him with her love of theatre as did my cousin Wendy with her dedication to music. And on Saturday he talked with Rhona (a friend to whom I am so close we don't actually have to speak to communicate) for hours.

The Kelvingrove gallery, Glasgow, where Rhona, Dave and I spent a lovely couple of hours between lunch and tea.
I'm feeling altogether much more settled: last week I finished my part of the research project on which I'd been assisting a couple of the lecturers at the university. That in itself was a huge relief, but it was topped when at the final meeting I was offered some work tutoring in the autumn. This means I won't need to injure myself trying to find another job over the summer, which, in turn, means I now have time to get on with the first rewrite of my novel. The novel whose first draft I finished over a year ago but haven't been in a fit state to sit down and look at since.

So today, in order to create a comfortable space in which to work, I mostly (with the help of a friend) shifted furniture. More of which next time.  


Titus said...

Yay! That all sounds grand.

Now, are they Turkish Delight players, or what?

Alesa Warcan said...

Yeah, it does sound grand indeed!

They look like jelly babies and the stuff that looks like confectioner's sugar on them would be starch used for unmolding and to prevent them from sticking together after packaging. : j

india banks bistro said...

yet another beautiful cake, Eryl, and i still haven't made the chocolate yogurt one from months ago. i'm so happy that things are falling together so beautifully for you and Dave. And now there's room for your novel to blossom xx

savannah said...

xoxoxoxo for you, sweet girl! and thanks from both of us. peace

angryparsnip said...

Great cake... love the players !
Glad to hear that so far so good on the family front.
Good news on the job and book !
You sound happy. I love that.

cheers, parsnip

Anonymous said...

You have given me hope that there is life after Stevie! Thank you x

Pat said...

Once you acutally start you'll really enjoy it.
Chop chop!

Eryl said...

Titus ~ grand it is! How cool Turkish delight players would be, but no, they're jelly babies.

Alesa ~ you've reminded me of the first time I realised that the powder on jelly babies wasn't sweet, I must have been about ten and it put me off them for years.

India ~ I expect one day you'll just find yourself making chocolate yogurt cake just for the hell of it.

Savannah ~ xoxoxoxoxo right back at you!

Parsnip ~ happy indeed; at odd moments I wonder how long this can last, but that just reminds me to make the most of it and be as aware as possible of all the goodness.

Anon ~ you're so welcome, x

Pat ~ yes m'am!

nick said...

Glad all the meeting and greeting is going well. And what good news that you can finally think about rewriting your novel! All very positive.

The cake looks amazing. Love the football pitch!

Sharon Longworth said...

I'm awfully pleased that meeting and greeting and learning to know is all going so well. I'm also, very selfishly, quite excited that the prospect of reading your novel is coming that little bit closer :)

Sausage Fingers said...

That cake could probably beat Scotland..
Cheers, Sausage

Kim Ayres said...

It's always a relief when those who are meaningful to you are accepted by others who are meaningful to you :)

red-handed said...

Novels are like leashes, or tethers, always threatening to never let us go. Nice cake!

Eryl said...

Nick ~ now I just need to hope my talents don't stop at baking.

Sharon ~ :)

Sausage ~ perhaps I should make them one.

Kim ~ indeed.

Red ~ there speaks a man who know!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Man, I love that gallery shot. Is that a permanent exhibit? I imagine not.

rochambeau said...

So much has been cooking' in your life lately Eryl! I bet Eugene was ecstatic about his lovely birthday cake! Bet it was super yum, because the Kitchen Bitch is always pondering delicious and creative cake ideas. Happy to hear that Dave and the fam enjoyed each other and also that you got to hang out with your best friends.
Also, first congratulations on finishing the research paper and hurray for your next tutoring gig. Very glad you are back to working on your novel. I would like to pre order a copy, please.

Also, about the book shop, that is a great place to work once a week for so many reasons! Really, Eryl!

Round here, I've been caring for my mom mainly, and playing my guitar and painting a few paintings.
All things considered, I'm doing pretty well. Getting ready for a friends birthday at our book club meeting here on Wed. One more thing, Pinterest is a great thing for my situation right now.

Nuff about moi!

Cheers to you!


Eryl said...

UB ~ fab isn't it? And permanent!

Constance ~ I found Pinterest a great thing for my situation too: in the latter part of last year when I was heading for the bottom of the abyss, the air being squeezed from my lungs, it was my oxygen cylinder. Now I can breathe again I don't use it so much, though I still enjoy it when I do. Glad it's helping you now.

Much love to you and your mom, X