Sunday, 22 April 2012

A New Normal*

Two months (minus two days) since I shifted lives and I'm beginning to settle. For a while I felt in a land so exotic all I could do was point and say "wow!" Everything seemed new and so exciting I could only react, like a tortoise who'd found itself in a meadow full of delicious wildflowers after years in the desert: amble, sniff, graze, sleep. But my cognitive faculties are wakening now and I'm starting to process again. And feel creative. This means writing and taking lots of photographs.

Today we went to Craigieburn Garden & Nursery for a bit of light wandering and a delicious lunch.

Ham and asparagus quiche.

Vista with prayer flags.

Lenten rose. I love these.

Lichen in the grass, growing, Dave tells me, on a tree root.
Elegant undulations.

Chocolate cake that was so good I continued to stuff it down when I was in danger of popping.

So far writing is limited to jotting down notes in my journal. This I mostly do in the mornings while still in bed, and it's jolly nice. I had vaguely wondered if I'd ever write again because it's been months – at least six, probably nine – since I've been able to, or wanted to, really. But now ideas are filtering in and growing, and the urge to write is back. Must be all this stimulation.

*Thanks to Constance Muller's father for this thesis.


nick said...

Glad you're settling down and the creative urges are returning. I love the image of a tortoise suddenly assailed by endless wildflowers. Not that a tortoise needs any advice on settling down....

elizabeth said...

Enjoy your lovely new found world.
Wishing you so much joy.

angryparsnip said...

I'm so happy your New Normal is sounding like a wonderful settling in. Such happiness is coming through your writing.
The second photo of the garden is what I always dream of, where I want to live. Lush green gardens and countryside of the books and movies I have read and saw.
I love where I live but is so completely different from where you live. Today in Tucson we broke 100
Somewhat too early for this time of the year. But it will drop to the 80's later in the week !
Goodness !
That cake looks Fabulous !

cheers, parsnip

Whirlochre said...

Glad to hear you're having a gazelle romp moment.

Will check in later for the fruits of your boundalicious zestitude.

Pat said...

That all looks gorgeous as long as I can have some dressing on the salad.
Ain't life grand?

steven said...

well yeah the opening out of all that love and newness as it expands into creativity is super good and cool!!! happy times!! steven

The Unbearable Banishment said...

"Shifted lives" is a pretty way to put it. I hope those who are now part of your past have found solace as quickly and seamlessly as you have. You're very fortunate.

Monica said...

it's a time of bliss when the muse returns. glad you're feeling that settled-in comfort.

and please don't mention chocolate cake this week! lol
i HAVE burst.

India Banks said...

Wow Eryl! I feel the love from afar! Thank you for making the leap and for letting me live vicariously. Enjoy the writing and the feast of your life {was just morning thinking that I need to look back up your chocolate yogurt cake recipe and make it soon and this cake reminded me } xx

Lulu LaBonne said...

How lovely!

Eryl said...

Nick ~ tortoises could probably teach us a thing or two about how to live, I reckon.

Elizabeth ~ I will, thank you.

Parsnip ~ this is a particularly lush, green part of the world. Lovely, but very wet and rarely warm enough to go without long sleeves. I always dream of living in a place like yours.

Whirl ~ look forward to seeing you when it happens.

Pat ~ an undressed salad is a sad thing.

Maybe it was my catholic upbringing but I didn't believe life could be this good until now.

Steven ~ it will be interesting to see what it produces: I'd rather thought one needed to be really pissed off to create anything engaging.

UB ~ I feel very fortunate. Though it has taken me five years to get to this stage, and for most of that time I was convinced I'd end up living alone. Only one person is part of that past life and he seems to be doing fine, he's now able to do what he does without having me to lie to. He may miss the challenge, I guess.

Monica ~ No more mention of chocolate cake, promise.

India ~ I forgot to mention the size of cake pan I used for that recipe, but you can use pretty much any. Sandwich tins of around 20cm are good though.

Lulu ~ lovely indeed, X

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to sense that you are so happy Eryl.

savannah said...

i wish you the best always, sugarpie! xoxoxoxoxoxo

grrl + dog said...

I am positive that chocolate cake is the answer to all ills.

rochambeau said...

So glad to hear ALL Eryl! I share in your turtle JOY!!
Thank you for your kind thoughts too!

Kim Ayres said...

You can express your creativity in any way you wish - so long as you periodically blog about it :)

Alesa Warcan said...

As ever, sweet photos... The muse smiles on the makers of megachococake pics. : D
Glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself.

Anonymous said...

A Spanish proverb:
How beautiful it is do nothing then to rest afterwards....

Eryl said...

Weaver ~ and I'm learning so much about birds and the countryside, too.

Savannah ~ I feel it, xoxoxox

Denise ~ me too!

Constance ~ you're welcome, anytime, X

Kim ~ as my thoughts disentangle I should blog more often. Nice to be wanted!

Alesa ~ chocolate cake is my favourite subject!

Anon ~ thanks, this will go straight into my little book of joys.

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