Monday, 30 April 2012


In bed with a bug, not serious but limiting, I've been exploring the functions of my phone for the last few days. All those apps I'd downloaded and not had time to play with have been tickled. So, still here, I thought it might be interesting to try a phone post. So here one is. * I got this phone for its camera and all the camera apps I'd noticed other people using, and immediately downloaded a ton of them. My favourite thus far has been instagram, as anyone who sees my Facebook feed will know. When I say 'favourite' what I actually mean is it's the one I've been running with. I'm very much a one thing at a time sort, which is probably why I'm not good in a crowd, and why I can't have a conversation when a tv or radio is on. Now I'm nicely familiar with instagram, and I've had idling time, I've had a look at the others at my disposal and settled on one called true HDR. If I was at my computer I might attempt to give you my understanding of HDR (high dynamic range), but my fingers are already stiffening so... Anyway here are a couple of my first attempts: Bugger, it wouldn't let me do it! Okay, that's it then, a semi-failed blog/phone experiment. *if it works.


savannah said...

it worked, sugar. whatever it was you did (no, iPhone here, can you tell?) xoxoxoxoo

B-u-x said...

Ironic that we have all this technology, envisioned and invented to save us time, but we don't have the time to figure out how to use it :-)


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Don't let technology win! Back to the drawing board! You didn't really expect positive results on the first attempt, did you?

Titus said...

I cannot help but feel there is a metaphor for our times floating around here.

More importantly, hope you're feeling better soon.

angryparsnip said...

Feel better soon...
I can only call from my phone and do very slow text ! Oh and take very small and bad photos !
If I get a "smart" phone it would be because of instagram and all the cool photo apps !

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

Savannah ~ only compose and post on/from my phone. It wasn't a roaring success, I couldn't post a photo, and the spacing is all to pot! XXXXXXX

Bux ~ you ain't kidding. Though I'm beginning to think the role of this kind of technology is really to make us feel inadequate!

UB ~ I've learnt never to expect positive results from my own experiments, but I won't give up!

Titus ~ I think you're right. I rather like being ill because although it feels horrible it gives me time to stop. Back at it today, though, sick or not I have to work.

Parsnip ~ I was a die hard 'phones are for calls' person until I got this phone. Now I can check my emails in bed! The photo apps are fab.

elizabeth said...

Hope you feel better.
I do love being Instagram chums with you!

for anone else I know who reads kitchen bitch I'm
and my photographer daughter is

need to see your latest photos!....

rochambeau said...

Hey Eryl!!
GOOD for you for having the apps and for posting!

Much of what you say I resinates with me. As you know, it took me SO long to understand Pinerest, yet once I did it IS such a COOL thing! That how it goes with technology. It is madding and then rewarding and then, finally edifying.

Thinking of YOU and hoping you feel better.


rochambeau said...

I see typos, sorry Please forgive me as I'm a tired girl!!

Pat said...

Could have sworn I left a comment.
Don't let the apps get you down.
I've just worked out a couple of problems - if I can only remember how I did it.

Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ I'm having such fun with instagram, it's still my favourite.

Constance ~ Pinterest is great, isn't it? I have their app too, though haven't made much use of it yet.

Pat ~ it's that remembering that is often so problematic!