Sunday, 19 February 2012

Word Verification

has become ghastly. How the hell do I turn it off?


Eowyn Ivey (left) with Liz Roberts.

last night's book event was marvellous. Ivey, as you can see from the (terrible quality) photograph above, read a couple of passages from The Snow Child, answered questions (posed by Liz Roberts and the audience) with candour, and generally charmed. At one point she told us that every copy sold of her book brings her a little closer to getting a well (she currently has to haul water daily to fill a tank in the basement).

Circumstances conspired to stop me buying a copy of the book: the UK cover isn't nearly so appealing as the one in the post below, and the women from the bookshop that were selling it couldn't be bothered to get their debit/credit card machine from the car: "There's a cash point just outside." One of them said.
"Is there?" I asked Marilyn who was standing beside me.
"Yes, well, it's the one at the bank in the high street." She told me.
"Bugger that!" I said, "I'm not walking all the way over there."
I would have walked all that way to get my hands on that cover, but not this one:

So I'll get it for my Kindle.


Jane Moxey said...

I got it for my Kindle and couldn't put it down! I thought how wonderful it would be to read it aloud which I did for a paragraph or two, inside my head! Just finished it last night and I know the story will stay with me!

savannah said...

i'm going to look for this book after the april 1 end of read whachagot is done. the cover you like is the stateside version it seeems1 xoxoxox

Kim Ayres said...

I so agree with the new WV - it's driving me nuts. On average I have to refresh it about 5 times before I can make out both words clear enough to type.

I've just turned it off on Ramblings, but it does leave you open to spam attacks.

angryparsnip said...

I wonder sometime about sale people... This a opportunity for exciting spur of the moment purchase and they drop the ball.
I understand credit cards can be a pain but I really don't carry money with me....
I also don't venture out much anymore either.

I often wonder about the changing of book covers. Some cultures could affect designs but the US cover, I think, is so much better than this one. I really don't understand and would love to find out the Marketing Research reasoning behind this ?
Because if I knew nothing about this book, I would not just randomly pick it up !

The Harry Potter book covers in America where nice and charming, geared for younger readers but the Japanese Cover art was so much better !

I am going to try to go back into blog settings and see if I can shut off my verification.
With my deteriorating eye sight the new word settings are driving me batty...

cheers, parsnip
on the top of my to do list is
#1 must move to where Eryl lives followed closely by..
#2 move to where Weaver lives
#3 move to where Titus lives
#4 try to find the fountain of youth so I can do 1 through 3...

elizabeth said...

Have heard such good things about this book.
A necessary download, I think.

Yes, we must all join to do battle on the WV front.....
if I can even post this comment!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I'm with Kim. The new WV is tedious. I might just do without.

The UK jacket designs for the Harry Potter books are WAY better than the U.S. designs. How do they let that happen?

Monica said...

WV yes yes YES!! get rid of it.
let me know and i'll give you a bloggy shout out. i am SO anti WV.

erm, so anyway... try this:

switch to the old blogger dashboard first.

will look this book up, i'm intrigued.

Pat said...

She sounds fascinating - Eowyn I mean - not the woman from the book shop who should be shot.
Oddly I am just reading A.D, Miller's Snow Drops which is excellent. I'll look this up on Amazon.
W.V. is soul destroying at present - some evil creatures warped SOH.
P.S. Snow drops is Moscow slang for a corpse that lies buried or hidden in the winter snows, emerging only in the thaw.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I bought my copy from Amazon and it has the same cover as in your photograph. I found it such an enthralling book that when I got to bed I couldn't get it out of my mind and eventually I got up and read more for a couple of hours.

Thanks for the recommendation Eryl - it was wonderful. The best I have read in a long time.

Re word verification - go to Tom Stephenson on my side bar and scroll back a couple of posts and you will find precise instructions as to how to rid yourself of it. Sadly you still encounter it on other blogs though.

Titus said...

So sorry I missed this! I'm going to have to Amazon it, and see what I get.

And yes, what's got into word verification? Utterly indecipherable most of the time - I think I'm only managing by luck, or like those 1000 monkeys who are typing away and will produce a Shakespeare in 1,000 years.

Eryl said...

Thank you all for your responses. And particular thanks to Monica and Weaver for where to go to find out how to switch the damn WV off, hopefully I've managed it.

nick said...

How I agree about wordcheck. I've turned mine off now. The black and white word is virtually impossible to read. Go to Settings, then Comments, then turn off Wordcheck.

If the bookshop folk couldn't be bothered to fetch their credit card machine, why should the customers be bothered to visit the bank?

Eryl said...

My thoughts exactly, Nick.

The World According To Me said...

Wow, the good comments above regarding this book have made me want to hunt it down. But I'm still not convinced about a Kindle. Call me old fashioned, and supporting my printers, I've been working for publishers since the tender age of 17 and it's a dirty habit to break.

grrl + dog said...

I turned my word verif off and I am still alive.

So is my blog.

I feellike going to the window, opening it up and yelling,

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to takeit any more""

Word verif sucks.

Meri said...

No, not particularly attractive. And the other day, I got the same word verification word two blogs in a row. What's that about?

India Banks said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post of your local arts' scene, Eryl, and based on your review of the reading think I will get this book. Can you check it out from a library? That's what I will try to do. I would love to do.

Kass said...

I agree about the WV problem. Isn't it easier to individually remove each spam attack?

No need to apologize for the quality of the picture. It came across as clearly as your recommendation to the book.