Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ten Minute Post

Here's the deal: I keep not blogging because I keep thinking I don't have time. I have a billion-squillion things to blog about but... So, I've put the timer on and will allow myself no longer than ten minutes to say something.

What? Lord knows. But I have only 8 minutes 39, no 34, 32 seconds left.

Jolly marvellous week last week, I did none of the things I mentioned in my last post. Well, I read a bit. Was that one of the things though, can't remember and don't have time to check: 6 minutes 38 seconds left.

Hebden Bridge, bloody marvellous place. We landed there quite spontaneously last Wednesday evening. Husband had to go to the Lakes then on to Bolton on business and would spend the night in some roadside hotel. Again! I said. This seems to be becoming a thing. Come with me, he said. So I did.

My breakfast in what must be the world's friendliest hotel. We will go back

Obviously I didn't want to stay in some corporate sleep-hole, so he unbooked the hotel and looked for another. Where do you want to stay? He asked. Hebden Bridge, I said. Where's that
I told him, and we went. We ate the best Thai food ever that evening, and the next day (after his Bolton meeting, and my breakfast) explored the town. I want to move there. Before I run out of time (just over a minute to go) I'll find a photo.

Shit, time's up and I seem to have turned some of the text into a link, but to where? Excuse the typos...


angryparsnip said...

hahahahahaahah... I love the ten minute blog post ! Great idea, because we still get to hear from you.

cheers, parsnip

Rachel Fox said...

We used to go when we lived in Yorkshire - it's bonny in the hills there. You do know it's the UK suicide capital or something though do you? So I read... maybe it's just tales to keep outsiders out.

Scarlet Blue said...

For some peculiar reason I read this post at lightning speed, but lingered over the toast!

63mago said...

Scotch for breakfast and the day is yer friend!

I'm glad to read you again!

steven said...

when you want to kick ass you have to kick ass i turn and make the world turn inwards to your needs and not so much its needs and so this is awesome writing and real time goodness.... hey thanks. steven

Whirlochre said...

I wouldn't like to be the one combing whatever's growing on the side of that building.

Pat said...

When we lived in Cheshire we had a cottage near Skipton and always travelled through Hebden Bridge to get there. How I miss that part of the north.
Somewhere near there is Heptonstall where Sylvia Plath is buried.
I made a pilgrimage to her grave once.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

It's nice to be able to conduct business in a place where one would like to vacation. It's like a little gift.

Eryl said...

Parsnip ~ glad you think so, there could be a few of these coming up!

Rachel ~ is it?! I'll have to google. I know it's the considered the fourth quirkiest town in the world.

Scarlet ~ the toast is definitely the most lingerable part.

Mago ~ oh no, you worked out my dirty secret, I was hoping people would think it was apple juice.

Steven ~ you're right, I need to do more of that/this.

Whirl ~ hopefully someone loves the job.

Pat ~ I went to the graveyard she's in, wandered around getting colder and colder, and failed to find her. I'll go back in the summer.

UB ~ indeed. I need to find someone to conduct business with in your neck of the woods.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes - lovely place Hebden Bridge - a good old West Yorkshire town with solid stone houses. Next time try North Yorkshire!

India Banks said...

brilliant Eryl, just brilliant.

Please challenge all your readers one day next week to come up with an unedited, 2-photograph post. Seriously!

I LOVE the story and photos - really, incredible for only 10 minutes.

Breakfast looks divine. Bravo.

India xx

Eryl said...

Weaver ~ I will, promise!

India ~ that's a great idea, I'll see what I can do, X

nick said...

I've only been to Hebden Bridge once, many decades ago, and loved the atmosphere. In those days it was a very lefty, alternative kind of place. Glad to know it still appeals - is it still lefty and alternative?

nick said...

According to the BBC, Hebden Bridge is one of the lesbian capitals of the UK.

savannah said...

i love that 2 pics/10 minutes! great idea and btw, scotch, coffee and toast! we are kin, sugar! ;~) xoxoxoxo

Kass said...

A ten minute post would be impossible for me. I reread, edit, muse - I become a being of total consternation - a blogging butcher.

Love how you did this. That place looks so charming. I could climb right into my computer to join you for toast.

Mary Witzl said...

Ten minutes -- that's a great idea and I ought to do it. But I suspect I wouldn't come up with anything this good in ten minutes; I can barely sit down with my coffee and get comfortable. in ten minutes.

Eryl said...

Nick ~ I felt right at home, so lefty and alternative is probably exactly what it is. Lots of very good eateries, a great market, art galleries a-plenty, and even a shop which sold knitted wedding dresses made from the owners own sheep.

I can see exactly why it would attract lesbians there was a distinct lack of judgement about the atmosphere.

Savannah ~ I think I may well limit myself to ten minutes from here on in.

We'll have to meet for breakfast when you visit Scotland. XXX

Kass ~ it normally takes me at least a day to write a post but I just don't have that kind of time anymore. So I stamped on the head of my inner editor in an attempt to make some kind of post, and it was quite liberating.

Mary ~ try it, you might be surprised.

The World According To Me said...

Even with stop watch and limited minutes your post and photography is time well spent for little old me.

The World According To Me said...

Even with stop watch and limited minutes your post and photography is time well spent for little old me.

Cassie said...

I LOVE the 10-minute post idea. Mind if I steal it? I have the same problem, thinking I never have any time (nor anything to say). This would be a fun challenge. You did it well, too. (I love how smothered in butter your toast is. Also, that sentence sounds weird.)

Eryl said...

Cassie: it's yours, take it and make it your own!