Monday, 5 December 2011

Industrial space

A friend told me recently that she had started her bucket list, I had to ask what that was. I think I will start one too, there are so many things about which I used to say "one day...", but I am beginning to feel that I have been flung past that day. If I don't make some plans, and implementation intentions, I'll find myself on my deathbed thinking "bugger!"

How cheery of me, first post in a month and I'm writing about death. Do apologise.

I seem to have been caught up in a whorl of work: teaching two community writing classes, and a textual analysis class to first year undergraduates at the local university campus. I love teaching but it takes up all the space in my head, so I get on with the rest of life rather like an ant. Now, though, two of the classes have finished and I should be back to normal, but that space, vacated, resembles a derelict warehouse. There's mould on the walls, a few broken panes, and a twisted tree growing in a corner. It needs a lick of paint, a few pictures on the wall, some heating. It's terribly echoey, and I've been wandering around it for the last week afraid to speak because my voice bounces back to me at an unholy volume. It needs furniture and rugs for absorption. I need to write again.

So, back to blogging: the cognitive equivalent of a huge armoire.

That's all I can think of to say for now, so here's a photo taken this morning from my bedroom window.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can find a little something to put in the armoire, even if it's only a stained tea towel.


Sharon Longworth said...

Is it horribly selfish of me to say "oh good" - delightful to have you return to blogging - whatever and whenever you choose to do so.

savannah said...

i'm slowly working my way down my sidebar to just READ all y'all, sugar! *sigh* and i have no excuse... xoxoxoxo

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes, we have snow too and it is freezing hard. Keep warm. Good to read you again!

Titus said...

Oh, I wish I had implementation intentions!

Lovely photo, if I squint a little I can almost imagine Dick Van Dyke dancing around.

angryparsnip said...

A post from Earl !

You write it, I will read it....

I love the photo, Beautiful !
It snowed in our mountains but sunshine in the valley.

Cold front will be going back home to Canada soon and normal weather to resume till our winter starts in January.

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

Sharon ~ not horribly selfish, but rather kind.

Savannah ~ you have more than enough excuses. I've only just managed to reinstate my sidebar after losing it somehow, month ago. It was much easier than I thought it would be, and now I'm enjoying having easy access to all my favourite blogs again. XXX

Weaver ~ it looks like it will be treacherous out tomorrow. My lovely stove is keeping me very warm indeed.

Titus ~ you don't seem to need them, implementation appears to come naturally to you. But search Peter Gollwitzer (I should have credited him, thinking about it) he's your man if you want to know more.

Parsnip ~ the light was a lovely pinkish hue, but my camera didn't quite capture it. I don't have your skills with skies.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I am honored and agog and delighted that you put TG on the reading list for your writing class, Eryl - thank you sincerely and warmly.

You sound so wistful in your post.

India Banks said...

hi Eryl ~ a stained tea towel through your lens would be a work of art :) happy you survived the finish of the semester and love the snow your photos in general. i did NOT get to make the chocolate cake for my daughter - things never turn out the way i plan. but christmas is coming up, so...happy semester break xx india

Eryl said...

Kat ~ you're welcome. I wanted to show them how to make a universal story fresh and new. That originality comes in the treatment of the content, rather than the content itself. And at the same time show them what's being published now, so TG fitted the bill perfectly.

I think I have the end of yet another year blues. Where do they go, these years, why am I not yet living in Paris?

India ~ thank you! Now you have the recipe you'll get to make the cake one day. Maybe you'll find yourself with a free day and a tub of yogurt that needs to be used up...

nick said...

What a lovely picture. A typically English scene, except maybe for the unusual mock shutters.

Hope you can get the derelict warehouse cleaned up and fully functioning again. I wonder if you can get the twisted tree untwisted?

Anonymous said...


where are you again?

it looks like something out of a Mary Poppins film.

Eryl said...

Nick ~ I could try untwisting the tree, but maybe I should just embrace it. And keep it trimmed so it doesn't break through the roof in the future.

Denise ~ I'm in Scotland which, in many ways, is rather Mary Poppins.

You must be enjoying the very opposite sort of weather by now, I hope.

The Pollinatrix said...

Funny - I've been thinking about death too. In my research for a client today, I came across the concept of "ethical wills" or "legacy letters" in which you write letters to your heirs to be read upon your death, detailing what intangibles you hope to pass on. I'm now considering writing something along these lines to give as Christmas gifts to my family.

Pat said...

Back to blogging should be the message of the year. There is NOTHING quite like it. I love playing scrabble on FB but otherwise I find it a pain in the arse - Always putting anything I write in the wrong box and showing loads of links which take forever and sometimes not worth the bother. Oh and Guardian articles. I'll say no more. Sorry to be grumpy.

Scarlet Blue said...

I agree with Pat... who made me laugh... especially the Guardian articles bit.
Forgotten what I was going to write now...something about Food Porn and wanting some.

Eryl said...

Polli ~ do you think it's an age thing, this death pondering? I've heard of ethical wills but not known what they were, so thanks.

Pat ~ you don't sound grumpy at all.

Scarlet ~ I'm about to make a trifle for my writing class christmas bash tomorrow night, so food porn coming up!

Monica said...

I know what you mean with the teaching. I used to tutor and teach a few adult classes, and my mind never loosened the grip,,, or for short periods only. But then again, I may be like that about anything.

It's amazing what a rug and some photos on the walls will do.

So you would normally talk out loud to yourself? ;)

Kass said...

Love the idea of your mind being an armoire. Is it an antique?

That's a very artistic photo.

I know what you mean about the space in your brain. Mine gets crowded too.

Eryl said...

Monica ~ I do talk out loud to myself often, somehow hearing the words helps me process and make logical sense of feelings and whatnot.

Kass ~ it is an antique, the hinges have gone!

elizabeth said...

What a stunningly beautiful (if a little chilly) view!
I hear you have had very dramatic weather of late!

Eryl said...

It's been wild here, Elizabeth, which is unusual, so was rather exciting. I'm not sure how those who actually had to go out in it felt though!

Jo said...

I found you over at Monica's blog, Bohemian Twilight.
I really enjoy your writing...your voice. It's such a joy to discover blogs where reading feels like listening, and hearing. Looking forward to seeing how your armoire takes shape!

Eryl said...

Thank you for coming over, Jo, and for your kind words.

Alesa Warcan said...

Even an empty armoire is filled with dreams, memory, and potential.
Not to mention all the skeletons and satyrs that hang out in there. ; j
Nice to read you!