Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Some things I've been eating lately, and a self portrait – another test of the new photo uploading process

Linguine with bacon, garlic oil and parsley. Recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson.

Wasabi peas.

Chocolate brownie at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh (it looks prettier than it tasted: not chocolatey enough and fork bendingly hard).

Falafel, yet to be cooked.

Strawberry shortbread cake, Brodies: a fab new eatie place in my own town, and my new favourite place. I've been a few times now and haven't eaten anything that wasn't wonderful. Eggs Benedict and a Bloody Mary at Brodies is what I now call Sunday.

More Brodies: canapés at a recent Moffat Book Events get together.

Melon and pineapple one recent lunch: an attempt to offset the extra calories Brodies is bringing to my flanks.

Every year in Moffat there is an old car thing: hundreds of people come along to show off their ancient motors. So this year I went along for a look, it really is fascinating, cars that came off the production line well before I was born gleam like tart's lips. Here is the tail fin of a Buik.

Trying to do this straight from Picasa, which is a much faster, smoother way of uploading the photos, but I can't seem to make the text work. It's fine in the editing box but all over the place in preview. So all I can do is hit publish and see how it looks on the blog. If anyone has any tips, or knows of a better way to upload photos to the blog, do share.

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Kim Ayres said...

There is a "Preview" option you can look at before publishing.

Note about the brownie - every time I've ordered a chocolate brownie or slice of chocolate cake in a cafe or restaurant, I've always been disappointed - too dry, too hard, not chocolatey enough.

Perhaps I've just been spoiled by Maggie's and Rogan's baking...

Eryl said...

I've been using the 'preview' option, frantically skipping between it and the edit box, but it turns preview is nothing like actual blog! And now I seem to have inadvertently turned the top 'caption' into a link to the Buick photo!

I find the same: chocolate cake is rarely chocolatey or moist enough in public eateries. Though the Brodies chocolate brownie is fantastic, as is their chocolate orange cake. When I make chocolate cakes I invariably double the quantity of chocolate in the recipe, and from my experience I'd say most cafés halve it!

Pat said...

I use Picasa but your photographs are far superior. I'm delighted how I can do 8 or more at a time but, no matter how careful I am, things fly out of my control and I rarely get exactly what I'm aiming for.
Also I have to write the text directly on Dashboard. I can't copy and paste a Word document onto the same page as the photos - it just doesn't work.
Bummer about the brownies. They should take lessons from Rogan.
Where's the self portrait or am I going barmy?

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Eryl:
What a wonderful selection of very delicious looking food. You clearly know how to eat well in your part of the world and Brodies sounds an absolute must, and ideal for a long, lazy Sunday morning.

We have happy memories of Valpona and Crolla in Edinburgh and once, years ago, the most splendid lunch, remembered for being such huge fun with friends, at a place called Indigo Yard - most likely long since gone.

Like you, we enjoy old cars when they appear, as is often the case, as part of some London to Brighton rally.

savannah said...

i must be the only one who still uploads photos from my desktop to blogger! i LOVE the food photos, sugar. i may have to fix the linguine and bacon dish soon. xoxoxoxo

Eryl said...

Pat ~ I haven't even attempted to copy and paste a word document! How do you get your text between the photographs, as opposed to at the side?

I'm reflected in in the Buick's tail fin.

Jane and Lance ~ Valvona and Crolla is one of my very favourite Edinburgh joints. They sell the best butter I've ever eaten and, in season, Amalfi Lemons.

I've heard of Indigo Yard and will have to see if I can find it on my next trip to Edinburgh.

Savannah ~ I may yet have to go back to uploading from my desktop!

The linguine dish is super easy to make and very delicious: one of our staples, and especially good if you can get proper Italian pancetta.

Meri said...

The linguine looks heavenly, as do the canapes. And Moffat. . . my son and I stayed there for 3 days when we were in Scotland (4 years ago now) and used it as a base to tour around. Charming little place!

Elizabeth said...

Lots of yum!
I always upload from the desktop -Blogger will take about 8 at a time.
My typepad blog is really slow and only does one at a time and it take ages.

Gosh food all over the world has made leaps and bounds since I was young.

I think Brodies sounds/looks wonderful.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hadn't realised you lived in Moffat - we stayed in a superb B and B farmhouse some years ago - absolutely excellent. Lovely countryside round there too.
Hardly could bear to look at your photos - all too calorific.

Alesa Warcan said...

I'm not sure exactly what you are doing, but the blog's WYSIWYG editor isn't meant for advanced posts.
As soon as you go beyond the basics, you hit its shortcomings...
What you could try is using another external HTML editor then cut pasting your post into the HTML tab of making a post in blogger.
I hardly ever order pastry in restaurants... It never lives up to what we do at home, or even what we can get at the local patiseries. : D
Your shots are approaching the professional food blogger level. : D

Eryl said...

Meri ~ I can't believe you were here and I didn't bump into you. That we hadn't heard of each other four years ago makes no difference to that!

Elizabeth ~ food really has improved vastly here in the last few years. When we first came to Moffat we asked in the local supermarket for anchovies and were told: "We don't sell anything like that!"

Weaver ~ I had been loath to give my exact location just in case I offended anyone to the point of homicide, but I've relaxed.

I should do some low calorie, high taste, treats one of these days. I don't exist entirely on cake but it must often seem so.

Alesa ~ I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing either! But here's a sort of explanation: I use Picasa to transfer my shots from the camera to the computer and do any light editing. The other day Bob pointed out that I could click a button called 'blog this' to send any photos straight to here, so this is what I've done here. The problem is that the shots seem to act, in dashboard, as one thing so I can't get between them to insert text. I may try captioning them in Picasa.

Mentions of HTML has me quivering.

Thank you for that huge compliment!!!

angryparsnip said...

Love when you write about fixing your blog downloading thing and Pat is talking about cut and paste... I can't do any of that. I have to wait till my Japaneses son comes next month to visit and help me with my blog and computer. He also logs in from Japan to help me.
Ever time you talk about your town, I so want to visit !
The food photos are terrific and even though I am not a huge chocolate lover, that brownie looks so good, too bad it wasn't that tasty.
Good luck with the posting.

cheers, parsnip

63mago said...

Sorry Eryl, like Savannah I link my camera to the computer and have the pictures on the harddrive. Using one I upload it from the desktop.
The food looks very mouth watering. Most chokolate things here are not done well, sometimes I thinkl they invented already "analogue chocolate".
Your selfportrait is "bendy" - does this word exist? Is "curvy" better?

Eryl said...

Parsnip ~ I've learnt how to do techie things on a need to know basis, helped all the way by my son who says things like: "I'm sure you can do it if you put your mind to it."

Mago ~ the word 'bendy' does exist, and perfectly describes my self portrait.

One would think chocolate things pretty hard to get wrong, the main ingredient is already blended to perfection and requires only to be melted and stirred in.

The World According To Me said...

Your pictures belong in a recipe book, they are stuning.

rochambeau said...

Hey Eryl,
Your lineup of repast looks great. I like falafel, but only made it once years ago. Thanks for making me think about it again. Nothing worse than a dessert that isn't super divine! It's really SO disappointing!

About Picassa. Except I have typepad, so this may be mute. You can export the photo to your desktop and upload them to your blog from there.

Thanks for thinking of Marshall. The operation was a success!!


Lulu LaBonne said...

Now you've made me all hungry - I've got something we're calling 'pigs willy pie' in the oven, it'll be jolly tasty but I always prefer other people's cooking.

Eryl said...

Worldy ~ thank you! Have you got your camera insurance yet?

Constance ~ so glad to hear the operation was a success!

Falafel is one of 'active repertoire' recipes: I make it at least once a month, if not more. These days I make it with half chickpeas, half soya beans and find this gives the patties a much nicer, moister, texture.

Lulu ~ Now you've made me desperate to try 'pigs willy pie'.

Kelly Garriott Waite said...

Gorgeous pictures. Welcome to She Writes!

Annie Boreson said...

I have to say the linguini with bacon is making me terribly nervous. Two of my favorite things. I do agree with the others that chocolate cake at a restaurant usually disappoints. Lovely photos. Glad to see you here!

Tess Kincaid said...

That linguine looks amazing. I am seriously starving now.

Eryl said...

Kelly ~ thank you.

Annie ~ glad to see you, too. Sorry about the nerves.

Tess ~ then you must eat!

nursemyra said...

Pass the strawberry shortcake please. and I'll have a double lashing of cream

Eryl said...

Cream too, goodness!