Sunday, 24 July 2011

Roundup and offski

This is what I like about cities: a wall just round the corner from Bob's new flat.

Had a rather odd week. The police were involved, scary.

Yesterday we went to Edinburgh to see Bob's new place, it's better appointed than this house! And in a much more interesting place: he has a theatre, art school, cinema, and some fantastic food shops right on his doorstep. Not to mention the river with it's big old warehouses. We lunched in a Turkish café, then stocked up on Japanese mayonnaise (recommended by Parsnip herself!), mirin, Korean hot pepper paste, and sugared cuttlefish at an Asian supermarket, and went to the lovely Cameo cinema to see Tree of Life.

I will have to see that again before I make any judgement, but I found it irritatingly lacking in story. This may well be because I'm not intellectual enough to leap the gaps and make the connections necessary to get what a sharper mind would. It was very pretty, I'll say that, but a bit earnest for my taste.

So, tomorrow morning I set off to visit an aunt in the south for a week, followed by a stay at my sister's, also in the south (of England, I should say). So I won't be around again until mid August. When I get back I plan to do my laundry and dash up to stay in Edinburgh with Bob before the weather turns cold(er), but I'll pop in and say hello while my smalls are being spun.

Bedtime now. See you in a couple of weeks, X


Mollie said...

Wow Eryll! I was in Edinburgh today! And tomorrow, I'm going to Southampton with my mom and Kiddo. Who knows, maybe we'll be on the same train south. Beware!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Eryl:
But you do not, rather tantalisingly, reveal the police involvement in your week. We do trust nothing untoward or too serious.

Although you were of course sad to see Bob leave home, he really does seem to have ended up in a very convenient part of a most interesting city. And somewhere for you to stay - no bad thing at all.

Enjoy your break away!

Scarlet Blue said...

You can't leave us hanging!
Whatever the police involvement was, I hope everything is okay now.
Have a lovely break, I believe the weather is going to improve in time for your visit.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Lucky Bob - I love Edinburgh.

Have a lovely trip xx

Alesa Warcan said...

Sounds like my kinda shopping! : j

Now we looking forward to a tale of high adventure and hijnks! Hope it didn't get too hairy with the fuzz! : j

angryparsnip said...

You know I love living in my wide open spaces of the southwest but.... The city life is so tempting and his neighborhood sounds perfect.
Love the building and the neighborhood sounds just right. Quite envious.
The one time I visited Edinburgh I was enamored.

I hope your got the Kewpie Mayonnaise.
Growing up in hot Arizona with no air condition homes or schools we never used any mayonnaise on our sandwiches or much of anything. Still don't use much today, except when I cook Japanese.

Wow, hope you have a lovely trip to your Aunts and Sisters.
I can't believe it when you said "before the weather turns cold(er)"
wahahaahahahah.... August in Tucson is still very hot 97/72 and won't turn cool till November 75/45 average.

See you a few weeks ! photos please !

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Give my love to Kent - especially if you stray near the Sussex border.
That graffiti is much more attractive than Banksi's stuff IMO.
Glad about the great success of the move. Nice to be proved right occasionally:)

NanU said...

Police involvement? Do tell!
I didn't get Tree of Life either. Maybe if I'd known going in that there was no story I could have stopped looking for one and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for itself.
Happy vacation!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Enjoy the break.

Jimmy said...

Edinburgh and the polis, say no more hen.

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't bump into the "law" anymore on this trip!! ;-)
Aside from that, it's sounds super to see your great friend and I like hearing about his environment very much. My cup of tea for sure!! Glad you can also see your sister b/c I remember how much she means to you. It's also good that you could stock up on Asian delights and see you Auntie too.
When you get back, there's a tart recipe I want to send you.

Happy Trails bella.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Bon voyage! You're on the road. Daisyfae and Nursemyra are in Chicago. Leah on her way to Texas. In two weeks I'll pack up the car and drive 10 hours to see my family in Ohio. It's summertime!!

nick said...

I'm also dissatisfied by plot-less films. I know the situations and characters are meant to be gripping in themselves but they aren't. The fact is events and how people respond to them are what make life interesting.

Elizabeth said...

Eryl dear,
Tree of Life was absurdly awful and pretentious.
You were quite right not to like it. One of the very few movies we have ever walked out of.
So glad you like Grrl+Dog too.
She is so splendidly creative.
Hope all is well with the wretched police.....
Have a wonderful vacation!

Mary Witzl said...

So you're not going to satisfy our curiosity about the police involvement?

Ah, how I miss having those little delicatessens nearby, with their tasty little jars of delightful foods. I found real Korean kimchi in an Asian food store in Glasgow and bought them clean out.

The World According To Me said...

Bob's new home sounds nice.
The tree of life, is that the film which stars Bradd Pitt? I'd be happy to just stare at his face for a couple of hours.
The police? Scary? Odd? The suspense! We need details while you're washing your smalls.

Anonymous said...

Sugared cuttlefish sounds delicious!

(Florida) Girl said...

Enjoyed reading about your city. Two weeks? See you then.

Anonymous said...

You are back-ski?

Carole said...

I hope you had a great time. I should think police involvement would be a lovely blog post.