Monday, 13 June 2011

Of Mud and Interesting Attire

Family went to the Eden Festival yesterday (Bob was working there but he killed a few hours with his aged Pees before his shift). In the fine tradition of music festivals the weather was unpredictable: the sun almost shone but it rained most of the time, and there was a lot of mud.

I haven't been to a festival since about 1977 and was rather comforted to find the dress code hadn't changed. I felt quite out of place in my jeans and black waxed jacket.

There was fabulous food: Tibetan, Seychellian, Indian, and more.

Here are a few photos, snatched while the rain was off:

Best Van.

Kilted Terminator.

A rather Shakespearean procession.

The Fairy King.

This is one of those looks I've always wanted to emulate but never been able to.

Best hair.

Best trousers.

A dude.

I tried on a hat I thought might make me fit in, but it was too big.

Not quite sure what this is all about.

Goat skull with flower eyes.


Linnhe Mara said...

You'd either kill to have that hair, or feel like killing because of it, but its pretty awesome no matter what.

Do you think it was some feminist clothesline, a sacrificial burning scheduled for later in the day?

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Eryl:
What a brave soul you are! We do so hope that the music made up for the mud, rain and cold.

Perhaps as you now have the taste for festival going you might try the Sziget festival on an island in the Danube just outside Budapest. Held in August, one can usually be guaranteed wall to wall sunshine....and music, of course!

Meri said...

They didn't burn bras, just hung them out to dry? I just love festivals -- it really brings out colorful peeps.

nick said...

Amazingly, you're right about the dress code not having changed. Just the same styles as when I went to festivals forty years ago.

I think the bras are a territorial marker. This is a women's place, so move along, guys.

Alesa Warcan said...

I've never been to a festival like this, and it looks fun! : j

Offhand I wouldn't have expected such variety in the food offering... But that would be because the hearsay I've gotten mostly involved burnt meat on a stick.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yeah - i've always wanted to dress like that but think now I would just be viewed as a mad old woman (on second thoughts would that be such a bad idea?)

Titus said...

Ooh, jealous. Of getting to go to the festival, but especially of that hair. That is my dream hair.
Why do I feel like I know half the faces in the pictures? They have been at every festival I've ever attended. Fantastic!

Eryl said...

Linnhe ~ I suspect if I had actually been born with hair like that I'd hate it, as it is I'm utterly envious.

I did smell smoke later, so you may be right.

Jane and Lance ~ the Sziget festival sounds completely marvellous, I'd love to go one day.

You get used to being cold and damp when you live in Scotland, and the music – and food – more than made up for it. Also, as luck would have it, it was only about seven miles away from our house so no sooner had I had enough than I was back in my favourite chair.

Meri ~ the people are the joy of festivals, I agree. I have a video of a group of revellers to post, if I can remember how to upload video, for share the joy Thursday.

Nick ~ do you think the clothes signify a longing to recreate Woodstock?

Interesting theory about the bras, the only person I saw anywhere near them was a tall, skinny man smoking a pipe. Perhaps he was the guard.

Alesa ~ one of the great things about living in the UK is the huge range of ethnicities that make their home here, and they all bring their food. The festival was busting with food-stalls run by people from all over the world, eager to share their cuisines.

Weaver ~ I think it's quite a good idea: they say one becomes invisible as one ages, dressing like this would certainly prevent that.

Titus ~ the hair is fantastic, isn't it? Though I've heard red-heads are subject to abuse by perfect strangers in the way blacks and asians used to be (still are in some places).

grrl + dog said...

I lived in a hippie town for 15 years..

yep their couture can be alluring for about a minute.

Carole said...

Looks like you had a blast watching people, which is often more fun than the actual festival.

Kim Ayres said...

Definitely the best van and the best hair - love them :)

angryparsnip said...

I want the van in the first photo, just a fabulous work of art. I could park in my side yard for a retreat !

Love the hair but it looks like something tried to make a nest in it with some leaves or flowers.
Tell you the truth I want your hair ! love your photo.

I still can't believe your all in jackets and sweaters. it's been in the 100 here in Tucson.

cheers, parsnip

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh, but you look cute in the hat! Did you buy it?
You look like Audrey Hepburn at a festival.

Also love the van.

Pat said...

I've never been to a Festival - what was I thinking?
Super photos Eryl - almost like being there. Sweet they wash their smalls;)
One thing about the look - once you've got it it doesn't seem to date.

Sharon Longworth said...

I have this only-half-hidden theory that I'm secretly a hippie and that only my need to earn a living has stopped me from spending my days growing my hair and my skirt lengths. Your photos only reinforced my theory - I want this lifestyle! What this actually says about me, I shall not even attempt to guess...

Eryl said...

Denise ~ I can't imagine a hippy town, let alone living in one, it must have been a bit like living on a giant kids' TV set.

Carole ~ it was definitely the people watching that made it, they all looked so happy.

Kim ~ great aren't they? sadly the van was brought in on a trailer, but I suppose you can't have everything.

Parsnip ~ it would make a fantastic studio, or writing room I reckon. If it were possible to get one up to my garden I'd seriously consider it, but we'd need a crane.

I expect the child had been rolling about on the big hay bales that had been set out for people to lounge on.

The only way it would ever get up to 100 here is if someone set fire to the petrol station.

Scarlet ~ I love you! I didn't buy it because it kept falling down over my eyes, sadly, otherwise I would have.

Pat ~ you're right, you could wear the same old things for decades, and most of it looks pretty tough too so it probably wears well.

You still have time to go to a festival, there's no age limit. Though you might find the facilities a bit lacking.

Sharon ~ perhaps you should try it for, say, six months and see how you get on. I expect it says you're a free spirit, which I think you are.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

What a lovely group of snapshots! I always wished I had the courage to walk to a different beat than the one that mainstream society sets out but I never had the guts to try.

red-handed said...

I had no idea that everyone in England was a gypsy.

Rachel Fox said...

Of course I travel with a wee girl with curly red locks (though not quite as wild of hair as that pic!). Mostly she gets positive comments - I think the worst anti-red gets aimed at males.
And as for fitting in... if I was as gorgeous as you I wouldn't give that a second thought!

Philip said...

cracking photos.