Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Derring Do

I'm up to my neck in a (fictional) house building project. It's great this writing business, you get to be all sorts of people and do all sorts of things that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to. Who says the world inside your head is less real than the one outside it?

But, I just wanted to share a tale with you. Thankfully, I can do it with nothing more than a link, there's no point in me summarising something that is so beautifully written. Some of you already know UB, or, to give him his full title The Unbearable Banishment, but not all. So, pop over to his blog and read his tremendous tale of tenacity, which spans eight years (I think I've got that right), includes Bruce Springsteen, Nick Hornby, and a lost friendship. And it was all for the love of books. What are you waiting for?


Titus said...

I'm here. I'm gone.

savannah said...

xoxoxox it's one of the best reads and deeds i've seen in ages!

grrl + dog said...

I needed to read that.

The bit where he says

how all artistic endeavors begin with good intentions but don't always come to fruition or a happy ending.

Just had one of those,
Still raw about it, but now it seems there is perspective.

Not everything turns out. Not even cakes you've baked 100 times.

angryparsnip said...

I understand much of what UB went through.
Daughter has a degree, in fact two from Mills and she studied bookmaking, binding and letterpress. I think Mills might be on of the last schools that teaches Book Arts.
It is a lost art that is fading fast.

Thanks for posting. So many quotes and so much truth.
I too have no use for e-books... just my personal vent.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Happily UB is a pal and I have already read his gripping tale. I'm full of admiration for him and also grateful because he introduced me to my now favourite author - Jane Gardham.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

10,000 thank you for the link and your kind words. I am humbled. There were others involved who did a lot of the heavy lifting. I was really just a tenacious midwife.

This morning I was wishing that my mom could have seen the finished product. She knew about it early on but the project outlived her. Thanks, again.

Miss Scarlet said...

I have been... and I have pinterested.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Am off there now.

Eryl said...

Titus ~ bye!

Sav ~ isn't it? I love a bit of dogged determination. XXXX

Grrl ~ it's so hard, for a while at least, when things don't work out. But I do think we are, ultimately, stronger for it. Didn't Picasso say something about a painting having to go wrong somewhere for it to be any good?

I made a batch of brownies the other day, something I've been doing for thirty years, and they were rubbish. We still ate them, mind.

Parsnip ~ it seems to me that book making is going back into the hands of the artisan. There are quite a few popping up around here and I've seen several courses advertised. Perhaps e-books will encourage that, as people stop buying mass produced books but still want to indulge in some real book smooching.

So, does Mollybot make books still?

Pat ~ he introduced me to Charles Bukowski's fiction, I'd thought of him as a poet before. Jane Gardham you say, I've not read anything by her, but if you and UB recommend her I'm off to Amazon.

UB ~ you were the mother and the midwife, I'd say, and what a gestation period!

Scarlet ~ I saw, and I meant to comment on one of your pins so it gets into the wider Pinterest hub. Will do that in a sec.

Weaver ~ splendid, you'll be glad you did.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Eryl!
off to visit your suggestion!

nick said...

Just read about the book. What a beautiful book it is, as he says, a small masterpiece. And what dogged persistence seeing it through to publication.

Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ marvellous.

Nick ~ there is something so admirable about dogged persistence, isn't there?

rochambeau said...

Isn't it lovely how the imagination is just as powerful as real life?

Yes! I'll check out The Unbearable Banishment.

Have a delicious evening Eryl!