Monday, 23 May 2011

Crank, Crank

I started to write a new post on Saturday but abandoned it after I realized it was no more than a gutter full of cognitive puke. My blogese has gone rusty, so by way of rubbing it down with wire wool and a drop of oil, here are some day trip to the English Lakes photographs. We went yesterday, it was cold but mostly sunny. We had fish and chips in probably the most basic café in the non-Soviet world. No attempt whatever to make it anything other than it was: a place to sit down and fill up. Grey plastic everything. I find that quite admirable in these days of beaded tea-light holders on every surface; though once I'd swallowed my last chip I was glad to leave. Anyway, back to the snaps: you may notice not many of them contain lakes, it was too cold for me down by the water:

Lake Windermere, we didn't take the red, or any other colour, cruise.

Bowness town centre.

Modernisation: Back-street, Bowness.

Grasmere just after a shower.

Gorgeous thick green paint on the back window of a Ginger-bread shop in Grasmere.

Pretty rusted bench in the grounds of the lovely, but sadly concrete rendered, Norman church where Wordsworth and his clan are buried. I forget what it's called.

Detail from the Wordsworths' grave plot.

My book's coming on: I now have 57,510 words. I hope to get to sixty thousand tomorrow morning. So it's bed time for me now.


Alesa Warcan said...

Heh heh! I was wondering when we'd see the new camera strut it's stuff! : j
Looking sharp!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Is this a big tourist joint or is it more off the beaten path?

60K words scares me. I have no idea where you get the enthusiasm for something like that.

And, by the way, I did, indeed, get a note from Harper Lee.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Eryl:
We do hope that there was some joy in the day, even if only a rest from the 57,000 plus words.

We rather like Soviet style cafés and there are plenty still in Hungary to choose from. As you say, they do make a refreshing change from tea lights, scented candles and pots of pickle, or whatever.

Although one should love the Lake District for its natural, if rather rugged, beauty, its Wordsworth and Ruskin connections, we have always found it rather grey and grim. But that, of course, is a personal viewpoint!

angryparsnip said...

How is the new camera working out for you ? the photo are wonderful so I guess your figuring it out.
The one of Grasmere is lovely.
I am such a tourist, I would take the Cruise !

cheers, parsnip

Kathryn Magendie said...

Love the pics- I am drawn to the one of the bench --

and brava on the near sixty thousand words! whooop! :-D

KLo said...

Great pics :-)

When I have a hard time coming up with a blogging topic, I start writing about my socks. Yes, I'm serious ... yes, it works (if you ever see a post on socks on my blog, you'll know that the blogger's block won out ;-))

nick said...

Now of course you have me intrigued. What was this gutter full of cognitive puke?

I haven't been to the Lake District for decades. It looks as quaint and affluent as always. There seem to be two people taking the pic of the green paint, or is that just a double reflection?

Glad the book's going well.

Miss Scarlet said...

This is my third attempt to comment!
I think I now need fish'n'chips to revive me!
Good luck with the book, Eryl!

Eryl said...

Alesa ~ for every sharp shot there are a thousand blurred ones.

UB~ good grief, so you did, and what a note! You'll be in Harper Lee's archive, I can barely contain myself.

In mid summer the Lake District has so many visitors they have been known to have to close it. It's quite pretty but I really can't see what people get from it, I don't think I'll bother to go back.

About the 60k words: I had an idea and started to write it, and it has just grown daily. For all I know it's just a bunch of random jottings, but it feels like a book. I guess I'll see when I read it over.

Jane and Lance ~ there were lots of little joys, the chip shop was one of them. As was turning a corner and finding a yard full of junk standing opposite a perfectly preserved, typical flint house. I agree with you though, and have no idea why people flock to the area.

Parsnip ~ I'm beginning to get the hang of the camera, though it can take me so long to focus my subject has often wandered off by the time I'm ready to press the shutter!

I would probably have taken the cruise if it hadn't been so cold. The thought of being stuck out on a lake shivering put me off.

Kat ~ I like the one of the bench too.

Sixty thousand and four now! I think I'm about two thirds there, things are beginning to come together like mayonnaise starting to thicken.

KLo ~ I might just try that, thank you.

Nick ~ there was something about sprouting lentils, something about teaching writing workshops, something else about camera practise. All mixed in with stuff about a cheesecake that went, not quite wrong, but unexpectedly. You wouldn't want to read it.

Yes, that's my invisible, identical twin, she pops up in windows from time to time. Never says anything, just mimics me and buggers off.

Scarlet ~ you've changed!

63mago said...

" ... like mayonnaise starting to thicken." That's where "the plot starts to thicken" originates from.
I am very glad to read your blog again and hope that your story will continuously grow blossom and bloom into a full book!

(wv: impreg (!))

B-u-x said...

Hi Eryl, Miss Scarlet sent me your way and I've been patiently waiting for a post since subscribing.

Lovely photos! What is it about the Lakes - it rains every time I venture that way (which is not very often).

Fish & Chips....hmmmmm, I'm having that for dinner tonight (also a seldom treat since moving away from the UK).


Titus said...

Beautiful bench and wow to the green paint too!
I try to like the Lake District, but somehow it never quite works for me. Always too wet or too busy.
And great guns on the book. Looking forward to it. Don't know what it's about, but looking forward to it.

The Pollinatrix said...

Yummy photos, and now I'm hungry for fish and chips - something we don't get a lot of here in the desert.

Your book progress is exciting!

Pat said...

Even if the tourists have taken over it is still possible to be in one of the most heavenly places in Britain by going upwards.
In the forties it was divine.
Thanks for that;)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes - the Lakes on a rotten day can be - well - pretty Lakeish. We live an hour's ride away and often bask in sunshine when our friends in Windermere are using umbrellas. Still - I think the scenery makes up for it, don't you? Do know what you mean though about twee tea lights.

Eryl said...

Mago ~ and there I thought I was being original, I nearly said custard as well!

Bux ~ hello, sorry to have been a bit tardy with my posting, hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging now.

Where did you move to? I'll come over for a visit, and maybe will find out. Miss Scarlet is so good.

Titus ~ I agree, the Lakes are either crowded, cold, or both.

I don't know what the book's about either, or even, if I'm honest, if it's actually a book. It might just turn out to be an awful lot of words. I'll let you know.

Polli ~ you probably have much nicer things to eat than fish and chips. Though, when done well it is hard to beat.

Pat ~ are you sure it was the place that was divine and not the boys?

Weaver ~ the scenery is spectacular, and on a sunny day, which Sunday mostly was, it really is something viewed from the car. Getting out of the car is another matter though.

I think my problem is that I'm much more of an urban decay sort. The slums of Rio would be my ideal day trip.

elizabeth schmid said...

Have never been to the Lakes though we had watercolor of them in the sitting room when I was growing up! I see lots of macs!
pretty bloody awful weather with you presumably too.
My mother in law died last Friday after a long slow sad decline so we are feeling a bit battered but also a bit relieved.....
Terribly impressed about the progress of the novel.
What is it about?

Elizabeth said...

It's me above!
Don't know what happened to make it reveal....my married name!

Charlie said...

"...a gutter full of cognitive puke."

This is a WONDERFUL name for a blog!

I like your photos, especially the green shop.

Speaking of green, will there be any illustrations of trees in your book? You draw excellent trees.

Meri said...

Bravo for the wordsmithing -- you're getting quite a collection.

Alesa Warcan said...

That is the advantage of digital photography. As the books say if you think you've gotten the shot take half a dozen more. The joys of practically unlimited shots...

It's nice to read you. Gambatte on the writing. : j

Lulu LaBonne said...

I'm currently very envious of anyone with a working camera.

Can't wait to hear about the finished book

Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I know that feeling of relief: like being released from a tight corset: you can breath again but your unbound ribs hurt as they realign.

I've never been to the lakes and been able to go mac-free.

I'll let you know what the novel's about as soon as I know.

Charlie ~ I may just be able to insert a tree or two into it, now you mention it.

Meri ~ thank goodness for computers and virtual storage, I'd be up to my neck in paper otherwise.

Alesa ~ it really is. Unlimited practise is great.

Lulu ~ I've heard the iPhone camera is very good, once you get used to it you'll be away. Though, I could see you stalking the streets with a big Canon round your neck.

savannah said...

we are now camera-less thanks to the evac from bengahzi! *sigh* BUT, thankfully he'd loaded all of his photos onto his MAC. but i'm digressing...love your photos and i'm also glad i'm not the only one who only knows you're writing a book, but not what it's about, sugar! xoxoxoxoo

p.s. lemon polenta cake is now known as eryl's cake around here!!

Eryl said...

MITM without a camera? That will have to be redressed post haste!

Just about to go to bed and thought: "I'll just have a quick glance at my blog before disconnecting from the www." How happy am I?, your ps will make me smile all night in my sleep, XXXXXXXXXXXX