Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Three Delights and a Worry

There were three things to celebrate yesterday: Savannah's forty second (yes, forty second!) wedding anniversary; International Womens' Day and Pancake Day.

I was at an event for IWD on Friday, as a kind of writer in residence, at which I won the main raffle prize:

which was very delicious.

I'll be doing much the same at another event tomorrow, though I don't suppose there'll be any chocolate shoes up for grabs.

And, of course, yesterday I made pancakes (crepes) for supper. For which I:

took two decent sized eggs,

flour (110g),

salt (a generous pinch),


and a tablespoon of melted butter.

Sifted the flour into a bowl, made a well in the centre, broke in the eggs, and began to merge the flour and the eggs with a whisk. As I did this I also added the milk in a thinnish stream, and kept whisking until everything was amalgamated and the batter looked like single cream.

When I was ready to cook the pancakes I stirred in the melted butter

while my small frying pan came to a smoking heat. Poured some of the mixture (roughly two tablespoonfuls) into the hot, butter smeared pan and turned the heat down to medium.

Swirled the batter around so it coated the pan, left it for a minute or two, until, having turned into a pancake, it moved freely when the pan was shaken vigorously. Flipped it over to brown the other side,

slid it onto a plate, and proceeded with the rest until

I had a stack. (It doesn't look very stack-like here but I did make twelve.)

I made them a few hours in advance to prevent the more usual stove-side flap where as I cook the others eat. It was then just a matter of reheating them (on the plate they were stacked on and covered in foil) in a low oven for about fifteen minutes, and they turned out fine, neither dried out or soggy.

I put various filling possibilities on the table and we all just built our own supper. Here I have ham, leafage, and some of the contents from the previous post's jars. The preserved lemons are fantastic: summer holiday in a bottle.

Rolled up and ready to scoff. I should say we had them for both main and pudding courses. For pudding we added Nutella and chopped banana, and (not to the same ones) lemon and sugar but I forgot to take shots of those ones.

The last thing about yesterday is that it left me with only one month to go as a forty something. I'm sure there are things I meant to do before turning old and am slightly concerned that I haven't done any of them yet. Is there anything I should really be getting on with before it's too late, fifty does seem rather on the edge of the abyss?


Kathryn Magendie said...

I love love those mixing dishes/measuring cups and all you have!

Hmm, I wonder if eating a choc shoe would feel strange - as if you expected it to taste like shoe and feet but it didn't - it tasted sweet but your brain kept putting feet and leather in there . . .


Sausage Fingers said...

I am sure the grub turns out very well, but it's your pics that are brilliant. Well done, again...
Cheers, Sausage..

Roberta said...

50 is nothing. Wait until 60 when the shit really hits the fan.........

The Weaver of Grass said...

I always stand at the pancake pan making one for the farmer and then one for me - such a bind. I wondered whether they would reheat - now that you have endorsed the idea I shall try it next time.

Fifty old??? From where I am standing fifty looks decidedly young.

debra said...

Love the photos, Eryl! What do the markings on the eggs signify?

angryparsnip said...

Oh my goodness to be Fifty again...

Your photos are wonderful if not absolutely tempting ! You have missed your calling.

Move over Nigella !

There is a new writer, cook and food stylist in town.

cheers, parsnip

rochambeau said...

Your makin' my mouth water Eryl!! Yummmmmmm on your good looking crepes and Happy International Womens' Day to you!! What a grand prize you won! You've inspired me. I'm making myself crepes for dinner tonight!
Salute mon cher~~

Eryl said...

Kat ~ I wish I could say I had such visual/mental acuity but eating the shoe was just like eating very good chocolate for me, sad but true.

My measuring cups say they love you back!

Sausie ~ I take that as a real compliment, coming, as it does, from a real photographer. Thanks!

Roberta ~ OK, so I've got ten years, that's something worth knowing. I'll prepare.

Weaver ~ give it a go, I thought it worked really well. I reheated them on about gas 3 and made sure the foil was replaced each time another was taken from the hot plate.

Debra ~ the pink is a date stamp and the blue is just the brand logo, I think. Do I owe you a crocheted critter? Email me you mailing address if I do and I will send it post-haste.

Parsnip ~ Nigella could easily afford to retire and give me a shot, couldn't she? I wonder if she'd be up for it.

Constance ~ happy international women's day to you too, and happy crepe making and eating. What will you have in them, I wonder? XXX

nick said...

Oh, fifty is nothing (says the almost 64 year old). The only thing you should be getting on with is having plenty of fun. And realising any major ambition you haven't yet achieved.

Lulu LaBonne said...

What posh eggs you have madam. I missed out on pancakes this year so lovely to see yours.

I'll be hitting that particular decade myself this year ('61 - such a fine vintage!)

Carole said...

Oh my goodness. I believe I am going to get up and make some for dinner tonight. Yummy.

Fifty is tough. But you look so young you need to just tell people you are turning 40. No one would disagree.

Kim Ayres said...

50? I'm sure I had in my head the idea you were only 1 or 2 years older than me, so I thought you still had a few years left before you reached that marker.

Are you having a party?

I can offer you a photo session for a birthday present if you want. Have a think about any style you'd like to try out :)

savannah said...

thank you, sugar! your crepes look delightful and now, i have another recipe to serve the MITM when he eventually returns home. if fact, we'll have them as our belated anniversary supper! xoxoxox

Pat said...

'Is there anything I should really be getting on with before it's too late,'

Yes! If you haven't already give up guilt.

And move over Nigella - someone's knocking on your door!

Titus said...

You won a chocolate shoe?! A chocolate shoe!! I am so jealous.
Brilliant cooking post. We just lemon and sugared, and like Weaver, one at a time. I am so traditional. Yours look fabby!

Hmmm. Activities before 50?
Sleep with Charlie Sheen whilst you still can?
Should that not appeal, regular dinner parties for starving poets and their families...
Mine would be see the pyramids, but it's probably not the greatest time to go right now, and maybe you already have.

The Pollinatrix said...

What a delightful meal! I made pancakes too, but the more traditional breakfast-for-dinner type, complete with bacon, scrambled eggs, and grits (something I hadn't bought in ages, as here in the American Southwest, they're not nearly as popular as in the South).

I'm still closer to 40 than 50, but for some reason, 50 doesn't feel daunting to me at all. It seems like a lot of women end up having a whole lot of fun in their fifties these days.

Tess Kincaid said...

Yum!! I adore your charming measuring instruments, almost as much as your crepes.

red-handed said...

Those are not pancakes. Those are something more evolved.

What to do before 50? I can't answer this truthfully without sounding like Charlie Sheen.

Eryl said...

Nick ~ for the next month I will ponder on ambition and fun. Currently my idea of fun is to walk into a clean tidy kitchen.

Lulu ~ '61 has just gone up in my estimation. The eggs are rather posh, aren't they? Oddly enough they come from Morrison's which I tend to think of as the least posh of the supermarkets.

Carole ~ it's so exciting to have inspired someone's supper!

Kim ~ thank you! I rather fancy Charlie Chaplin's Tramp, without the tache.

No money, so no party. Also I know almost no one, in these parts, to invite. Sad but true.

Savannah ~ squeak! I will treasure having inspired you anniversary supper forever. If you change your mind and have something else, don't tell me!

Pat ~ guilt seems to have given me up, quite unexpectedly!

Titus ~ I have always, always made them one at a time, but thought I'd try something different this year and was so happy to be able to sit down and enjoy them with everyone else.

I would love to see the pyramids too, and Machu Pichu (sp?), and, actually because I have been nowhere, lots of other places too. I have been in the habit of saying: 'one day...' but fear, now, that day ain't going to come. So now I travel in my kitchen, I wonder what they eat around the pyramids?

Polli ~ these thin crepes are the traditional pancake in the UK. Though the Scots have a pancake that is similar to your American one, but not as nice. Is grits cornmeal, like polenta?

I don't have a problem with being 50, but am becoming aware that time is running out. Strong, fit, can run around and do whatever I like time at least, so want to make the most of this next decade. Not that I feel I flittered away the last one!

Tess ~ those measuring instruments come from a decade spent wandering around flea-markets!

Red ~ you've got me wondering what pancakes are like in Canada now.

Charlie Sheen is figuring highly here today!

Anonymous said...

You should bake an enormous cake until you are completely surrounded by it, then jump out of it on your birthday.

You can thing of things to look forward to doing when you are over fifty, for which you currently lack the requisite maturity.

Meri said...

Joyful post -- and trust me, life goes on after the big 5 - 0. And you won't feel a day older. (I linked this to Share the Joy Thursday, because chocolate shoes just have to make someone's joyful list).

Anonymous said...

Fifty is good. One does not have to take shit anymore and can kick right in. It's the start of freedom.
Youth IS wasted on the young, they have no idea about possibilities.
Enjoy it, you are a lady.

Kass said...

You'll never be old as long as you keep finding joy in the every day like you do. Those pictures are as alluring as you are.

Eryl said...

Jenny ~ brilliant idea, I could eat my way out of it which, I think, I'm probably better skilled for than jumping.

Meri ~ it's really over 70 that bothers me, but as I have no idea where the last twenty years have gone I fear if I don't make some plans this next twenty will vanish too.

I've been missing out on 'Share the Joy Thursday', even though I've had several joys to share, due to lack of organisation on my part. So thank you for linking me.

Mago ~ the start of freedom sound pretty damn good!

Kass ~ you're right, the people I know who take pleasure in what some others feel to be too trivial and dull to bother with are the ones who are ageless.

Alesa Warcan said...

Big thumbs up on the crêpes!
They look great... And that's from person with family from/in Britanny. ; j
I can't say much about being 50, but it seems to me that you are always busy so you aren't wasting your time... I would imagine it's a good thing there is still so much you want to do. Wouldn't it be terrible to be just fifty and not want to do anything anymore?

Eryl said...

Alesa ~ it would be awful to be any age and not want to do anything anymore. Though, it must be pretty grim to want to do lots of things and be unable to due to decrepitude too. I must try and get some of the things I want to do done before I start to fall apart!

Glad to get the thumbs up for my crepes from someone with Brittany links!

alphawoman said...

Man those look good! In a month I will be saying "Welcome to the abyss" - lol. It's not really so bad. It's that big 60 that scares me! lol.

Kim said...

wow, that looks absolutely awesome, love your presentation :)

Mary Witzl said...

I almost swooned at that chocolate shoe, then the pancakes...and preserved lemons sound heavenly.

Those commercial comments are hilarious. 'Thank you, very enjoyed your blogging post, so interesting, please look at these handbags/sites/cars/(whatever)...' I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

Samantha said...

A great addition to my collection. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait ti try this especially for my family.

Annie said...

I don't know what thrilled me more, the end result of the recipe or the presentation of the recipe itself.