Monday, 21 February 2011


I have this idea (the 'thing'), and am running with it, mostly because I don't seem to have any choice, and it's taking up all of me. Which means I don't have any chat-space in my head. Quite frankly I don't know how some of you manage to do all the things you do, and write blog posts, and get round to visit and make meaningful comments on other blogs. I seem only to be able to do one thing at a time. The 'thing', my writing workshop (soon to be writing workshops, new gig, this one may even be paid), and events in the Middle East are almost more than I can handle.

But, whilst twittering today (Twitter is my news channel) I found this and thought I'd share. It's well worth the 19 minutes it takes to watch and it ends hilariously. Get yourself a glass of something, and enjoy. Actually watch it with the whole family.

Hopefully I'll be back in chat mode soon enough.


Lulu LaBonne said...

I love TED, I'll watch this one when I have a nice glass of something to hand - looks interesting x

debra said...

I love TED, too. And I have also been challenged with blogging and visiting and responding. But a glass or a cuppa? This I can do!

savannah said...

i do this to keep from having a glass or 20, sugar. you turned me on to TED and i've always been glad you did! xoxoxox

Kass said...

This puts statistics and research into a totally new light.

That man knows how to give a lot of information in an entertaining way.

Mollie said...

tell you what: I can write comments of such wittiness and smacking of intellectual repartee... but am I writing good quality stuff? No. And therein lies my tradeoff.

TED always has the best stuff.

Scarlet Blue said...

I hopefully will come back and watch your TED.
I can't handle the news at the moment either and I am doing a head in the sand thing.

Pat said...

O Gawd Eryl I'm desperately trying to visit neglected posts, do the washing up before MTL does it and get ready for the French invasion this afternoon. Oh what the hell! I'll watch hit now.

Pat said...

I like his 'Grandma verified' statistics.

Elisabeth said...

I intend to subscribe to TED but when do we get time to savour it all, as you say Eryl. There's too much of this stimulus overload, what with world events, man made and otherwise and life at home, there's no time left to live.

newjenny said...

Quite frankly, Eryl, I don't know you manage to do all the things you do, and write blog posts, and get round to visit and make meaningful comments on other blogs, and go on Twitter and follow events in the Middle East and spread new ideas and cook all that classy food. I feel proud of my achievemnet yet exhausted each time I get out of bed.

Twitter sounds a bit scary to me.

I'm afraid my head's sufficiently done in by all the old ideas for it to relish the prospect of studying any new ones.

Have fun. xx

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Those TED vids are deadly! You can get sucked into that site and lose half a day before you know it! But thanks for the link, nonetheless.

Carole said...

I think swallowing a sword is easier than getting a book published. But I bet Ted figured out how to do it.

Never had heard of him. Good stuff.

Eryl said...

Lulu ~ I discovered this particular vid after watching TED's Chris (the chap who bought it and made it the big thing it now is) interviewed on Charlie Rose. He's so cool.

Debra ~ I seem to go through blogging streaks when it's absolutely no problem. Then, suddenly, I switch off and can't manage it for a while. I wish I could keep a nice steady balance.

Savannah ~ a less corrosive anaesthetic? Fingers and toes crossed for you, XXX

Kass ~ it does doesn't it? One wonders why no one thought of it before.

Mollie ~ your comments always make me feel cheered, so you're doing something right.

Scarlet ~ I might as well be doing the head in the sand thing, as I'm rather gorging on it but not really processing.

Pat ~ hope the French have arrived safe and sound, and you got those dishes done.

I liked that bit too!

Elizabeth ~ it does so often feel that there's no time left to live: one day I'll try and get up from this chair and find it and I have fused like a cowboy to his boots. I have learnt so much from TED videos, though, my writing journal is so full of it that I see it as work. Maybe that should be I justify it as work!

Jenny ~ I think I use twitter as a silent radio or TV it's really the only way I know what's happening in the external world at all.

UB ~ when I first discovered TED I lost at least a week to it. I'd kill to go to an actual TED conference, but apparently it costs $6,000.

Carole ~ you are right, of that I have no doubt. Keep trying though, I'd love to hold your book in my hands.

Alesa Warcan said...

His punchline is awesome! : j
I wonder if it works in court? It would make a lawyer's profession become a whole different bag of tricks!
Do what you gotta! See you on the other side! ; j

NanU said...

I'll have to come back and watch to the end when I have more time, but I start off being skeptical of his comparisons of health and economy too far back in time. Before the invention of antibiotics or chemotherapy it didn't matter how rich you were - if you got a serious infection or breast cancer you would likely die. Now you won't. (I mean, being wealthy helps _now_, but it didn't so much _then_)

Oh, my! I just managed a meaningful blog comment! First one this week.
Cheers, and thanks for the post - I didn't know about TED before.

Eryl said...

Alesa ~ give it a go!

Nanu ~ was I blinded by his coloured balls, I didn't even notice him making that comparison?! I'll have to watch it again now.

TED is fab, so many people who know about things I don't and are willing to share. You can get lost in there for hours!

rochambeau said...

Hey there,
Can't wait to watch your Ted. Good for you for being a twitter gal! And for feeding me your bird seed! I love all of the speeches I've heard on Ted!

You know the thing you said about getting it all done?
We can only do what we can do and THAT is enough!

Thank you for the comment you left about death. It showed me one more reason I like you.


red-handed said...

None of us actually have the time either but we flitter about as best we can -- haphazardly. I think you do better than most.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I flounder round willy nilly all around and don't know how I manage to write books *laughing*

Eryl said...

Constance ~ you are right, as ever. I think I'm back on track now and hope to be back with a post tomorrow, I miss my blogging buddies when I'm away too long.

Red ~ thank you. It's being responsible for other people, or feeling like I am, that tends to throw me.

Kat ~ how do you write books!

Anonymous said...

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