Thursday, 27 January 2011

Share the Joy Thursday: Experimentation

There is nothing so joyous as an experiment that yields unexpectedly good results. I have had this

Pashmina for a good ten years. It's gloriously soft and warm but recently whenever I put it on I think: 'nah.' It had become faded and slightly yellow round the edges, and, as you can see from the picture had picked up some pink spots. Rather than stylish and insouciant it made me look pale and grubby.

I'd been thinking I should give it to a worthy cause, but then the other day as I was trying to rearrange the scullery I spotted

the grey dye I'd bought months ago to deal with

my too pink hat. It never got used because it turned out to be unsuitable for the hat's less than natural fibre content. I wondered if I should try it on the scarf. The instructions on the packet didn't bode well: not suitable for wool (pashmina - a type of cashmere - is wool, isn't it?); for use in the washing machine, on the 40 degree programme (would the fabric withstand that?). But I realised I was never going to wear it again, so the risk wasn't, really. I chucked the hat in too for good measure.•

Pah-da! It looks new again, I can't wait to go out now.

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•This part of the experiment wasn't quite so successful.


nick said...

Result! It looks stunning. And very commendable when we're all trying to observe the environmental mantra - reduce, reuse, recycle.

Tess Kincaid said...

It looks fab!! A few years ago I had a clothes dye addiction. I was literally coloring everything in sight. Now that I have my new front loading washing machine, I'm afraid to put dye into it. I spent a small fortune on it and don't want to discolor the inside.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the pashmina but what about the hat?

Mollie said...

You rock. Plain and simple. If I did the girl crush thing, well, you would be the objet d'affection and I would drive back and forth in front of your house, hoping to catch you at home.

Lulu LaBonne said...

The pash looks great - but I want to see the hat. I'm a huge Dylon fan, it's transformed my sad old duvets no end.

Carmen said...

oh my!
i want to peek that gorgeous pile of books you have!!!

gemma said...

Gorgeous new color. Come on show us your hat.

Eryl said...

Nick ~ the environmental mantra suits me down to the ground; not because I'm good but because I'm lazy, and skint.

Tess ~ I totally understand about your new machine. Perhaps once it's a bit older you'll revive your home-dye passion.

Weaver ~ the hat, oh the hat. Let's just say it didn't quite work out.

Mollie ~ you've made my day, I may even have a glass of wine to celebrate!

Lulu ~ I'll have to save the hat for share the torment Tuesday. It looks like it's spent a month in the bottom of a coal store.

Carmen ~ ah the books!

Gemma ~ oh dear, the poor hat!

Anonymous said...

So you dyed the goat grey.

savannah said...

lux! well done you! xoxox

Pat said...

That looks like the pale green you favour. I have three in perfect condition because I've never quite got the hang of them. I'll give then another go.

Elisabeth said...

Stunning, pashmina in grey, and like Pat, I wondered about the hat. I can only just see it in my mind's eye.

Meri said...

Success -- great cause for joy. And the hat. . . well, it is what it is.

deb did it said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...loving your comment! ~tears and all!~ Now I am seriously loving this last photo! You really are a Kitchen Bitch...and Pashmina Princess! and sexy to boot wearing it all.....

Titus said...

I don't pashmina, but grey is probably my favourite colour when it comes to anything in the attire department. Fabulouso! Indeed, I will go so far as to say you look a million dollars.
Wish you'd put the hat on though!

KLo said...

Gorgeous :-) It's always nice when you're able to extend the life of something ... even cloth ;)

rebecca said...



angryparsnip said...

You look Fabulous and oh yes so does the Pashmina.
Love the soft gray color looks quite snuggle and soft.

cheers, parsnip

Mollie said...

Hopefully this is not a re-comment, but I've got something for you on my blog.

Linnhe Mara said...

Lucky pashmina. Poor hat ( if you want to try and save it try a colour run sheet)

Eryl said...

Mago ~ grey goats are so chic.

Savannah ~ I feel terribly 'make do and mend'! XXX

Elizabeth ~ the hat now looks like a grubby version of its former self.

Meri ~ I'm tempted to take the hat apart and clone it.

Deb ~ 'sniff' yours was such a lovely post. And thank you for the compliment.

Titus ~ do you know what you're missing? I often use pashminas as blankets to wrap myself in on Scottish summer evenings when no one else notices how chilly it is.

KLo ~ I think I could get another ten years out of it now, if I'm careful.

Rebecca ~ and look at your fabulous avatar!

Parsnip ~ thank you! It is nice and soft but not something you need in the desert, I shouldn't think!

Mollie ~ ooh, coming right over.

Linnhe ~ a colour run sheet sounds interesting. I think the hat has had quite a good life though.

rochambeau said...

Beautiful job! Really like dyeing stuff too!
You look fab!


The Pollinatrix said...

The photo of you in your newly-dyed scarf just makes me smile. I've always kind of been in awe of people who wear pretty scarves. I've never been a scarf wearer, myself. I always end up using them as room decor of one kind or another.

I, like others here, would love to see the hat, especially after your comment about it looking like it "spent a month in the bottom of a coal store."

The first line of this post is so quotable. It would make a good blessing: "May your life be an experiment that yields unexpectedly good results."

Sausage Fingers said...

great pics, great model.

Scarlet Blue said...

Another vote for a look see at the hat!!

WV: likerl

SY said...

nice..full recovery! I have to bring some things back to life now!
- Sy

Eryl said...

Constance ~ the last time I tried to dye something I was about nineteen and came out a bit patchy, but I'd heard so many people raving about dying in the machine recently that I determined to give it another go. I'm so glad I did, it could become addictive though.

Polli ~ you can't have too many scarves in Scotland, even in summer you need one at the ready.

Sausage ~ thank you. I thought I ought to give everyone a break from food!

Scarlet ~ oh, all right then!

Sy ~ it's a really good feeling, I recommend it.

Joey said...

Ha! Great post. Loving your words! Thanks for stopping by at www.catchjoyasitfliesby.blogspot.com

So excited to follow your blog. Have a great weekend!

Mary Witzl said...

I love the look of that! Grey is one of my favorite colors -- except in my hair.

Eryl said...

Joey ~ thank you!

Mary ~ it's not so good in hair, though I rather like entirely grey (or white as it is really) hair.