Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hunting for Treasure

When Alesa made this post about how she and her girlfriend like to go out on photo safaris my instant reaction was: "I wanna play!" And they said I could. How generous is that? So we set a date, each chose a theme, and the hunt was on. Here are the results, can you guess whose shot is whose? Extra bonus points if you can guess who chose which theme, too.



Life is a Stage

Pocket Change


Mundane Munch


A Mundane Bulb


The Vital Elixir

Mirror of Life?


Update: now if you place you mouse over a photo it will tell you who it was taken by. I have Alesa to thank for showing me how to do this, and you can have no idea how thrilled I am! Also, to let you know who chose the themes: Change = Alesa, Mundane = F, and, well done Titus for guessing this, Vital = me.


savannah said...

what great photos, sugar! and what a great idea! xoxoxo

Alesa Warcan said...

That rose shot is great! Kudos to whoever took it! Heheheh!

I almost regret having took part, for not being able to take a stab at guessing who is who... ; j

nick said...

I'm guessing your pics are 2,6 and 8. But I've no idea which was your theme. Amazing pictures, they make the everyday look so unusual and intriguing.

debra said...

what a great idea, Eryl. I've been exploring new points of view for a while---it intrigues me. As for who took what? I would surmise that the coffee, at least, is yours.

Rachel Fox said...

The coffee and the coins grab me here. I'm a complete photo baby though (know nowt but what I like).

Eryl said...

Savannah ~ it's a fab idea, isn't it? Glad you like the snaps, XXX

Alesa ~ I know I wouldn't have a hope in hell of guessing right, myself.

Nick ~ looking at things with fresh eyes is always a good thing, I reckon. Now my eyesight is fading it's only through my camera that I get to see things up close and in detail.

So as to allow others to guess I won't tell you yet whether you have guessed right or not.

Debra ~ it is a great idea, a way of making the abstract concrete and showing just how vulnerable to interpretation the abstract is. It would be quite interesting to do the biggies: good, evil and love, for eg, with a huge bunch of people and see how differently we show them.

Rachel ~ you don't need to know anymore than that when it comes to aesthetics, I'd say.

Pat said...

That's so difficult. But a quick decision yours are the last two?

Anonymous said...

I think You took the three in the middle, theme "mundane".

Eryl said...

Pat ~ I'd say it was about impossible, though you did get one right, well done!

Mago ~ we each took one for each theme.

Elisabeth said...

Extraordinary powers of observation, you photographers demonstrate. To see the image first and then to capture it through the camera's eye is amazing. I stand in awe.

Titus said...

Wow! Great shots all.
I'm guessing you chose the theme Vital, and your photos are the food-y plate one, the coffee pot one and... this is the one I'm swithering on... the white flaking/damp paint one.
Hard though.

Sharon Longworth said...

Great photos, every single one of them - but I particularly liked the idea of a mundane light-bulb in such a splendid chandelier.

I reckon you write something about the Change from Mundane to Vital...

angryparsnip said...

What a wonderful idea and post...

I just went with my fist choice, so I picked 1, 5, 9 and your theme was mundane... I tried not to over think my choices.

cheers, parsnip

Anonymous said...

SOrry, I misunderstood. 1,4,9.

Scarlet Blue said...

They are all intriguing, and did you do the 'mundane munch'?

Scarlet Blue said...

...oops.. I meant the untitled one beneath 'mundane munch'!

Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ I rather use my camera as a third eye, I photograph everything and see in those photographs details and shapes I had never noticed before with my organic eyes.

Titus ~ blimey, you know me pretty well! If I had seen the coffee pot and that flaking paint I would definitely have snapped them.

Sharon ~ I like that one too and have never seen an ordinary light bulb look so appealing.

Parsnip ~ you are astonishing! 1, 5 and 9 are indeed mine. Though my theme was vital. I do think the mundane is vital though!

Mago ~ easily done. Two out of three, jolly good!

Scarlet ~ I did. I'm beginning to wonder how people know me so well, am I over-exposing myself?

Stocker said...

I truly loved this post! So creative and fun, I'm gonna do this one day. After my current fundraiser is over. Keep up the great blog!


Eryl said...

Thank you, Amy.

Kim Ayres said...

I figured the Untitled ones were yours and was pleased to discover I was right, although I confess I wasn't sure about which theme was yours. Great game :)

Kass said...

Intriguing photos all! I guess right about one third of the time.

angryparsnip said...

Not sure if I know you that well but I think from seeing your photos and cooking choices those picks just seemed right ? on my first look.
When I though more I picked mundane because what really is mundane ?
I though if anyone could really explore that word you could and transform it's meaning.

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

Kim ~ trying to guess the theme would be pretty hard, I don't think I'd even try, myself!

Kass ~ one out of three ain't bad.

Parsnip ~ oh thank you! I do have a fondness for the mundane.

elizabeth said...

I thought I was going to have to guess what the theme was and my limited little brain seized up then I saw you had told me.
What an excellent idea.
Change was the best for me
but I liked the coffee pot too.

Re Huck Finn: I first read it when I was about 10, in England. I did not read it as a critique of society but rather a wonderful ,adventurous trip down a river.
I do not think I even noticed that Jim was black. I remember descriptions of dawn on the river bank.
When I taught it later on all sorts of other things jumped out at me.
I think reading as a child was bliss because one was so utterly immersed in a different world.
Lit crit sucks big time
give me a wonderful story any day
and forget imagery and all that stuff.
sorry so long and boring.....!
Happy reading!

rochambeau said...

Hey there Eryl,
This is a cool challenge. I didn't choose correctly your first shot, but ADORE it!
I got the second one, it was a no brainer, but was foiled again on # 3.
Thought you were the espresso!
Guess I don't know my Kitchen Bitch as well as I thought!

All photos fab.
The word theme was terrific.
Hope ALL's well.
Have or hope you had a yummy din~din!


Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ Huck Finn has been one of my favourite books for about 40 years. I remember reading it as a child and just wanting to be him. Then I read it to my son and he was the same. I still want to travel down the Mississippi one day, and am desperate to see a water moccasin! I'm pretty sure the only agenda Mark Twain had was to tell a good story, like any writer who's any good.

Constance ~ I'm pretty sure I've said more than once here that coffee is a vital part of my day, so it's not surprising you thought the coffee pot was mine. I did nearly put up a picture of cheesecake for that theme, too, but changed my mind at the last moment. So you know me pretty well!