Monday, 31 January 2011

Close Knit

Gosh I've been having fun crocheting characters and rummaging about in my button box.

It's almost as good as baking and doesn't come with the attendent hip swelling problem. Also, I can listen to music as I do it.

The family currently looks like this:

The whole bunch: you can just see in the foreground the, as yet unformed, new baby.

Bianca: my current favourite, I will shed a tear as I seal her into a padded envelope. Don't be fooled by the bright colours and big shades, she is still working out her true nature. Like Victoria Beckham she will find what she loves and what she's good at.

Olive: she is sweet and kind and works hard to keep harmony. Especially between Kit and Bianca, because Bianca is always trying to squeeze into Kit's best dresses and has burst a few seams.

Kit: the lady, she was a bit wild in her youth always hanging about the bins in back alleys. But she found her focus and is now a strict piscatarian who writes books on all things fish, and delivers mentoring workshops around the world.

Hool: the only boy, he is a little shy but if you happen to hit on his favourite subject – town planning – he'll come into his own.


Lauren RZ said...

Goodness, they are all so adorable! They remind me of little things Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer would buy for their children (not that they will have any.)


The Weaver of Grass said...

Kit is definitely my favourite. How clever you are to crochet them - absolutely love them all really.

rochambeau said...

Adore your chocheted characters Eryl.
They make me smile!
Will you please send me your mailing addy?
Thanks bella.

savannah said...

adorable, sugar! nicely done. xoxoxo

Tess Kincaid said...

These are darling little guys. I love buttons, too, and have a tackle box full of them.

Linnhe Mara said...

See, I told you it's good to work to music!
Just loving those little guys.
I didn't know you could crochet and coincidentally am looking for a tame crocheter to teach me the basics.......

Pat said...

I'm drawn to Kit. I don't know why.

Titus said...

Hool! I love Hool! I am also addicted to town planning conversations.

Anonymous Franconian said...

I think I would have a nice conversation with Hool.

Eryl said...

Lauren ~ hello fellow foodie, nice to meet you! I totally see what you mean, though I'm so behind I had to google Amanda Palmer.

Weaver ~ Kit's quite elegant isn't she?

Constance ~ glad you like them, addy should be with you now. X

Savannah ~ thank you, sweet-pea, XXX

Tess ~ a tackle box? Gosh, that must be a lot of buttons!

Linnhe ~ this and running are the only things I can do to music, it gets in the way of everything else. It is good though, you're right.

I learnt to crochet when we bought an old camper van and it seemed to cry out for a crocheted blanket. I'd be happy to try and teach you but I'm not sure I really know, when i want to crochet something I look it up in a book. I could lend you the book I taught myself the basic stitches with and if you find yourself with questions, as I did, I could try and answer them. I always asked my mother-in-law, who was brilliant with wool, if I got stuck, or things didn't quite work out the way they looked like they should. Anyway, I'll see you on Thursday (if you're coming) and we can talk about it then, if we have a chance.

Pat ~ Stevie thinks Kit is sinister, but I think she is elegant. She reminds me of Eartha Kit, which is why she got her name. It might be her bad girl start in life that attracts you.

Titus ~ consider Hool yours, you can have lovely chats late at night, when he really livens up!

Eryl said...

Mago ~ I think you and Hool would get along very well, he's interested in history too, specifically the history of town planning.

Elisabeth said...

You're so clever, Eryl, not only to make but also to imagine this amazing crotchet family. Thanks.

Mollie said...

Did anyone else think that Hool and Kit were from the nursery rhyme 'The Owl and the Pussycat'?

Philip said...

You've clearly gone mad, but i still enjoyed it.

Alesa Warcan said...

They are ridiculously kawaii!
And how do they get along with one another?

Scarlet Blue said...

Seems a shame to split up the family. Why don't you just send them all to me?

newjenny said...

Your creativity knows no boundaries.

traci said...

they are adorable !!and i luv their wee stories.my 11 yr old son sews and makes creatures.he will appreciate these lovlies!!!

Kim Ayres said...

It looks like a team that could be leaping about advertising the next Vauxhall Corsa :)

(actually, you don't have a TV, do you? - here's an example of the ads:

angryparsnip said...

My comment didn't post.... my side no doubt.
I was wonderfully written full of humor and even tears.
You would have been charmed.

Love the very creative little family and I agree with Alesa... kawaii !

Love Kim's youtube link....

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

Elizabeth ~ they seemed to create their own stories, which I find rather interesting from a writerly perspective.

Mollie ~ how odd that that didn't cross my mind. Now you say it, of course, you're so right. I feel compelled to try and crochet a beautiful pea-green boat now!

Philip ~ this is procrastination on a grand scale!

Alesa ~ they are fine as long as Hool gets to talk about town planning and Bianca stays out of Kit's wardrobe.

Scarlet ~ that's what Stevie keeps saying, only he ends with lets just keep them. They'd only collect dust and become annoying.

Jenny ~ I have had no success with music, and my wall building leaves a lot to be desired.

Traci ~ sounds like you son will go far. Good luck to him, and you of course.

Kim ~ thanks for that. I'd seen a similar ad to this on someone else's tv. Bob has a Corsa, perhaps I should scatter these around it.

Parsnip ~ I'm always charmed by your visits. Love the word kawaii!

SY said...

wow I love what you have created!! this is fascinating

Eryl said...

Thank you, Sy.

rebecca said...

clever you!
love the character descriptions.

thanks for your generosity. your contribution arrived and your tickets are in the pot!!

the winner will be announced valentines day at recuerda mi corazon.

do you feel lucky???

Annie said...

I've never been even remotely tempted to crochet any of the myriad of critters that are so popular now. However - these may just tempt me. They're adorable.