Thursday, 30 December 2010

Evolution with an R?

As it's the last day of this year I thought I'd share something hopeful with you.

It happened with the plough, it happened with the steam engine, now it's happening with the computer:

the unforeseeable consequences of technological innovations.

Happy 2011 to you all, XXX


Mary Witzl said...

I like her ideas, Eryl. Check out Heidemarie Schwermer's 'My Life Without Money' if you want to see how someone has lived entirely through sharing for the past 20 years. I first heard about her in an EFL textbook and it's the most amazing story.

Rachel Fox said...

Great to hear the positive side of all this... you read the opposite so often!
Might post this elsewhere.
Really wanted to find this speaker a deep breath and a glass of water though!

nick said...

I guess there's nothing very new about sharing and swapping, though the internet is providing new ways of doing so. If these sharing sites really take off, it could make a significant dent in our consumption levels, which can only be good.

Pat said...

As one of the founders of The School Budget Shop over 50 years ago, I have sympathy with this speaker's ideas.

Dave King said...

Great open ing! You make me want for you to go on!

The very best of all Good new Years to you and yours.

Kass said...

Sixteen and a half minutes well spent! Thank you so much. This was fantastic. I'm inspired - have a lot of googling to do.


Kim Ayres said...

That was bloody brilliant!

You have a Rambling Beard Award waiting for you over on my blog. Do pop by to collect it :)

Eryl said...

Mary ~ thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely take a look.

Rachel ~ she was a bit breathless at times wasn't she?!

Glad you liked it.

Nick ~ exactly, and the thing about it that really excites me is that it looks like we are finding ways to trust each other again.

Pat ~ I knew you would, X

Dave ~ thank you, on both counts! I'd need to have done some research to go on! Happy New Year to you, too.

Kass ~ it's so exciting isn't it? I knew you'd like it, X

Kim ~ it's kind of the way you live anyway, isn't it, really?

Kim Ayres said...

It is, more or less - or at least an ideal we try and move towards. But I've never heard it so well articulated and demonstrated. And that's the wonderful nature of it - it takes what was a vague notion and helps construct a framework I can now work in more easily. I feel the zeal of the converted :)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Those TED talks are dangerous! They're like chips. If you have one, then you need another, and another, etc. Thanks for that and happy, happy new year to you and your family.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Happy New Year to you - - am listening now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Eryl Shields, to You and all your family.

angryparsnip said...

This brought back so many memories of when I was first married and we had no money. My x lost his job and then I lost mine. We started his business, struggled to make ends meet and I remember several Christmas's that if my Mum didn't send a package we would not have had anything... anyways long story I traded my art and time for other art and crafts so I could give gifts that year at Christmas...

Thanks for the post, you always find the most brilliant ideas.

cheers, parsnip

Lulu LaBonne said...

I love TED talks and will book mark this to listen to later.

Xmas dinner looks divine I am now going to go a make a trifle ...

Happy New Year xxxx

Scarlet Blue said...

Happy New Year, Sweetie!!!
Will be back to view TED properly.

Eryl said...

Kim ~ I feel that zeal, too, and for the same reason. There's nothing better than having one's vague notions concretised and validated.

UB ~ very happy new year to you and your family, too. I have been known to spend hours jumping from one TED talk to another like an addict.

Kat ~ thank you! Very happy new year to you, too, in your mountain getaway, X

Mago ~ thank you, happy new year to you too. I hope it's not too cold in Franconia.

Parsnip ~ great story, thanks. I'll never tire of saying: 'you're so cool!'

I signed up for TED's podcasts and every now and again I actually get round to watching one or two, so they find me, really.

Lulu ~ ooh, I want photos! Happy new year to you, too, XXX

Scarlet ~ same to you dolly, same to you. I hope you had a marvellous celebration. Now get on with that book! XXX

savannah said...

i'll look at this later, sugar. these talks are always so engrossing, i know i need time. xoxoxoxo

happy new year!

Mollie said...

Eryl- found this website a long time ago. It made me laugh because it's so true in that sad way that can only be dealt with by laughing.


What's even funnier, to me at least, is that it is hosted by the University of Arizona and Arizona has not had the best time recently with immigration.

Alesa Warcan said...

A belated akmashite omedeto to you!

I love how technological advance facilitates the return of one of the older forms human trade.
Little steps forward.

rochambeau said...

Dear Eryl,
Couldn't get the Ted video to work. So I don't know what to say except~~
Happy New Year to you dear one!!
How did those frocks work out?
Methinks you musta been the bell of the balls!!
Hope your holidays were merry and bright.

to you and yours.
May all of your kitchen dreams come true this year!


Eryl said...

Savannah ~ they do take time, and they can fill headspace that you often need for other things. No rush, XXXXX

Mollie ~ thanks for the link, I'll check it out later, when I have some free headspace.

Alesa ~ me too, it feels like a return to a more natural way of trading, less fettering.

Constance ~ no worries, in a way it's about how we all seem to work here in the blogoshpere: sharing our ideas, skills, talents, and so much more, freely and without money changing hands.

The frocks were good. I wore the Biba out, twice, and the Freak for Christmas day (with a teeshirt underneath). Unfortunately I was ill over New Year so wore tracksuit bottoms and several jumpers for that!

I got Nigella Lawson's new book Kitchen for Christmas so my kitchen dreams are growing by the hour!

I look forward, hugely, to see what you do, and make, this year. Happy, creative 2011 to you, XXX

lani said...

i love TED as well!!