Friday, 6 August 2010


I've had one of those mucus rich bugs this week. It laid me out completely for about thirty six hours beginning late Monday. I still feel rather foggy but that could have more to do with the wet, dark, cold weather than anything lurking within.

Thanks to being unable to sit at my desk, or move, or think, I finished reading Sylvia Plath's Journals (which I've been dipping in and out of for months), reread Ginsberg's 'Howl' which I finally (in my howling state) properly felt, and began a series of haiku exercises that, I'm told, will have me learn more about haiku in just one week than it's possible for anyone to teach me. Whether this is true or not I could't say, but I feel I am making quite some progress. There is something to be said for loss of critical faculties. I also seem to have lost four pounds. As I've been feeling a bit lumpen lately I'm glad of that. So although I didn't get anything I planned done this week (not one thing!), it has actually been quite a useful blip.

Now I just need to get my brain functioning again. Meanwhile, here are some photos from last week's 'Women's Group':

In full swing: the ladies try their hand at decorating cupcakes, and making flower pins and gift-boxes.

My table, which only got four visitors, though we had a lot of fun and everyone went home with a poem of their own making.

I didn't get a go at pins and boxes but stole a chance to decorate a cup-cake before everyone arrived.


Scarlet Blue said...

I've had the bug too - only not as bad as you. I'm feeling a little better now - I just didn't expect it in the middle of the summer.
The cup cake looks delish!
Get well soon,

Carole said...

I love your cupcake and am glad you are feeling better. Sometimes when we won't rest, our bodies see to that we behave by giving us a bug/

angryparsnip said...

even better decorated Cupcakes...

Glad your on the mend.

cheers, parsnip

Alesa Warcan said...

Glad to hear that you're convalescing!

Haikus can be a lot of fun! I love how unrelated distinct concepts form a meaningful whole.

Take care Eryl!

Pat said...

Now mind you get properly better!
I do hope the cup cakes were there to be eaten. I remember the taste of the paper case as one tried to scrape the last crumb with one's teeth.
The trouble with haiku - one learns how to do it and then one forgets. No please don't tell me:)
Mrs Bridge is on her way.

Eryl Shields said...

Scarlet ~ hello there, haven't seen you for ages! The summer is no time for bugs: I thought, at first, I was just a bit tired, then I thought I had late onset hay-fever, then bang. I'm actually fine now, just malingering. Hope you feel much better soon, X

Carole ~ I must confess that this is the cupcake's best angle!

It's not that I won't rest...

Parsnip ~ I love cupcakes and make them fairly often, but I'd never tried decorating one before. Now I know how, in theory, I'll do it more often. You should have seen the tools our cupcake expert had, amazing!

Alesa ~ I don't think I'll ever be a writer of haiku, but I like the practise in 'capturing.'

Pat ~ you make me laugh, no worries, though, I have no idea how one would explain how.

I certainly ate mine as well as a couple that no one claimed, I was starving by the time we finished.

You work fast! I hope Mrs B doesn't let you down.

63mago said...

I am not familiar with cupcaking, sorry. Get better and I hope you can cure the bug completely.

Christina said...

hope you are feeling better.
this cupcake looks divine!
: )

Eryl Shields said...

Mago ~ perhaps I will do a cupcaking tutorial post, just for you, using my new skills!

Christina ~ thank you.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

That’s a lovely opening sentence. Lovely. I almost heaved. Thanks a lot.

I love haiku. They’re so damn clever. And Howl is pretty clever, as well. Not a bad week.

nick said...

Interesting mixture of leisure activities - butterfly cupcakes, Allan Ginsberg and gift boxes. Next up, Virginia Woolf cures writer's block by making a lemon drizzle cake.

Leni Qinan said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better, Eryl. Send the bugs over here -it's scorching hot, they'll get burnt as soon as they cross the Pyrenees!-.

I hope ou tell your readerships about your progress with haiku. Never done it, but I know people who do, enjoy it very much.

That cup-cake looks great, but really, would I be over there your table would get 5 visitors! ;)

Eryl Shields said...

UB ~ I do apologize for any discomfort my opening sentence caused, it does evoke a rather ghastly image.

I love haiku too, though I suspect I will never master it.

Nick ~ all the worlds ills could probably be cured with lemon drizzle cake, i would be particularly interested in reading Cormac McCarthy's take on it.

Leni ~ the bugs are on their way!

My haiku is rather shameful at the moment, but if it improves I'll happily share my progress notes.

Meri said...

Ah, the cupcake is beautiful. And don't you think that these viruses often attack when we're in need of a little spell of silence and not doing anything that doesn't nourish our souls?

Eryl Shields said...

I think you're probably right, Meri, I needed a little down time.

Kass said...

When my second son was 3, he heard us talking about 'the bug' and 'the flu' that his dad had. When his grandma called on the phone and asked how his dad was, he told her, "my dad's got a bug in his B. M.s and his tummy flewed away."...I wonder how he would have described your mucous situation. I've heard of iron-rich blood, so I guess mucous-rich is an apt expression.

Glad you've recovered.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Dave King said...

Brilliant opening. Loved it - as, no doubt, you didn't! Hope you get back to full function soon.

Leni Qinan said...

Meri is right, Eryl: a bit of a bug sometimes is the only good excuse we have to sleep as much as we want... read as much as we want... and lay in bed just doing nothing. Take a break!

Eryl Shields said...

Kass ~ I love the way kids rework what they hear into something that makes sense to them.

Joven ~ thank you, I will visit shortly.

Dave ~ the older I become the longer these things seem to hang about, but I think I'm absolutely fine now, thank you.

Leni ~ having an excuse to sit and read all day was an unexpected treat. Back to hiking around the paintball site all day now, though, busy week ahead but the weather's good so who am I to complain?

Murr Brewster said...

I think Plath and Ginsberg might cause mucus production. But it's not worth looking into.

newjenny said...

Your blips are more productive than my most determined exertions.

Lulu LaBonne said...

That cupcake looks too good to eat.

Glad you're feeling better - I bet it's the sight of all those snoods wot done it!

Eryl Shields said...

Murr ~ there could be a Phd in your theory, for the right candidate.

Jenny ~ mine too!

Lulu ~ I thought that until the end of the evening and I found myself in need of a little something.

red-handed said...

Summer mucus: the worst. There must be a poem there somewhere.

Kim Ayres said...

Some kind of horrible virusy thing has hit pretty much everyone in the family over the past few weeks - bleargh.

I'm surprised you only got 4 visitors to your desk - you need to think about your marketing. A pot of freshly brewed coffee would undoubtedly had more people shuffling your way :)

Eryl Shields said...

Red ~ there must be, it feels so unjust.

Kim ~ I think the problem was that my table's activity wasn't as obvious as the others, and I was right at the back of the hall so no one had to walk past me.

Hope you're all feeling better now.

rochambeau said...

What is The Women's group?
Your cupcake is very pretty. You are your mother's daughter.