Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In the Can

Nothing screams holidays to me louder than potted geraniums. You see them on windowsills and, my favourite, lining steps pretty much wherever you go in the warmer parts of Europe. We won't get away this year – can't remember when we last did – so I thought I'd bring a bit of away here.

Years ago, whilst holidaying in France, I was thrilled to see geraniums potted in old cans. I have a bit of a thing about cans anyway, I once bought an enormous can of tuna because it was so attractive, it never got opened. I'll often base my choice of oils and whatnot on the appearance of a can. Anyway, I happened to empty a favourite the other day and thought: 'mmm, this would look good with a geranium in it.' So I took the top off, rolled the sharp edge over and punched some holes in the bottom.

Yesterday I went to my favourite garden centre looking for the perfect specimen to fill it. I had a notion for a very dark red but no luck, they had pink, salmon (eurgh!) or orangey red. The singles were all too big for the can so I ended up buying a tray of four small ones. So after canning one I had three left over. What to do with them?

In the shed I found an old wall pot which I must have brought up from the old house, where we had garden walls, and decided I could nail it to the fence. So I put another in that.

Once that was done I realised I could punch a hole in the top of the oil can and nail that up beside it

but just two hanging there somehow looked wrong so I potted a third in a coffee can (I have hundreds of these) and hung it alongside.

The fourth awaits a new home, I'll have to think about where to put it. But for now I have this:

it's not France, or Greece, or Italy; but hopefully on a sunny afternoon a sudden glance will make it feel like it is.

Oh, and MJ has her blog back, thank goodness google have managed to sort themselves out.


Carole said...

I like it. I would have never thought of using cans, but it is very nice.

savannah said...

what a gorgeous look, sugar! xoxoxoo

Alesa Warcan said...

Very glad to hear about the Infomaniac!

Your pots look neat... But where were these pictures taken, I'm sure I've seen that bit of house and fence in Provence! ; j

Golden West said...

Hi Eryl,

I can so relate to shopping by favored graphics - I do exactly the same thing! It is hard to resist a beautiful label and I am constantly taking notice of fonts and color combinations.

BTW, did you know you can just break off a geranium branch at the joint and stick it in the ground and have a whole another plant that will take root all on its own? Lots of begonias are the same - an easy way to expand your garden!

Kim Ayres said...

Good coffee, Illy :)

debra said...

They look wonderful, Eryl. And good for MJ, too.

Pat said...

Clever girl - not just the thinking but the doing. Now if you could just replace the few loose bars on mu loggia...

The Pollinatrix said...

Nice! This made me smile.

newjenny said...

This is a happy tale, with nice pictures to boot. I salute your creativity.

Eryl Shields said...

Carole ~ I'd never have thought of it either, I'm glad someone else did though!

Savannah ~ thanks sweetpea, XXX

Alesa ~ it is, I was psyching myself up to check out other blogging platforms in protest (and fear of the same thing happening to me).

This town is an exact replica of Grasse, but without the perfume and sun.

Golden ~ thank you, I didn't know that, but now that I do...

Kim ~ it so is!

Debra ~ thank you!

Pat ~ I have to thank my father-in-law's old tool box for giving me the capability for the doing. Before I inherited it I'd have struggled with a skewer and a rock, failed, and never tried it again.

You are so Sophia Loren!

Polli ~ I do love doing something, relatively, practical. Glad it made you smile.

Jenny ~ Janet and John help in the garden!

angryparsnip said...

I would say we were twins but my age and looks aside, maybe cousins ?
I love cans and have been known to by food, wine and beer by how much I love the label. You should see in an Asia Market !
I don't drink but have so many Sake and Wine bottles that I could open a bar.
Love the picture of your yellow can with the orange/red geranium. Perfect !
The last picture with your fence, plants, cans ( love illy coffee ) with your wild garden, ack ... I'm in love !

cheers, parsnip

June Calender said...

France, Italy and Greece are wonderful places, likewise England, Germany Finland, etc -- BUT your place looks just as beautiful and exotic really especially with those lovely cans of geraniums. To paraphrase an old song, if you can't be the place you'd love to be, love the place where you are.

Titus said...

Love this, fabulous idea and I'm thinking Port Grimeau already!
Are you sure these were taken at home...?

Purchased a load of nasturtium and sunflower seeds today in order to inject more colour in a month's time. Hopefully.

And why has Blogger offered templates that don't actually lay-out properly anymore? And why did we all think we'd change?

Eryl Shields said...

Parsnip ~ Asian packaging is the best. I'm off to spend the day in Edinburgh today, ostensibly to research literary journals in the national library but hopefully I'll have time to go to the Asian supermarkets.

The yellow can is great isn't it, unfortunately the olive oil it contained wasn't the best I've had so I continue to search for the perfect combination of oil and can!

June ~ hello! That's brilliant paraphrasing, I'm going to write it down in my journal. One man's exotic is another man's mundane but it doesn't have to be: fresh eyes!

Titus ~ it's the sunshine that's fooling you!

The nasturtium seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are going wild, every single one seems to have germinated, so I will have to move some of them. Colour is what we all need around these parts!

It all looked so easy didn't it? I've been wanting to change for ages but it felt like too much trouble then along comes new one click templates and... Too easily seduced.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I love love unexected things ....love using something in an unexpected way -- !

It looks festive and happy and summery and fun