Tuesday, 27 April 2010

National Poetry Writing Month, Day Twentyseven

Today’s RWP prompt is to think of a word that applies to your life – it can be anything from your name to a guiding principle – and make an acrostic poem out of it. That this prompt came on this day makes life much easier, on any other day I'd probably have tried using a word like 'existenz' or 'vacuum' or something.

But today is a fun day. A particularly über fun day, because my dissertation supervisor phoned me with news, and it was good. It seems they have given me an A for my final potfolio which means in July, if I remember to send the paperwork off in time, I will graduate with a distinction. I don’t know why that matters but it does. Perhaps it matters because I gave my life to the work for over two years and at more than one stage thought I was going to have to give it up. During that time my mother-in-law took ill and died; my husband was made redundant, couldn’t get another job, and used all the money we had to start a paintball business, and (as most of you know) I took ill, collapsed, and had to have an operation. But mostly it matters, I think, because I need to be told that my work is good enough, and a good grade feels like it does that.

So, back to the prompt: as it’s a fun day a few words that don’t normally apply to my life do, one of which is:

Cheeky little vintage this, Tesco’s finest
how d’you find it
more pear and
pencil shavings than buttered toast
and is there a hint of
granite in it
no, not granite, is it


Carole said...

Congrats on the A. Although not commenting on every post, I have read with delight all your poems. You are absolutely excellent at this. I wish the month were longer.

J. D. Mackenzie said...

Boppy with a nice finish. Seriously, validation and credentials matter, just like affirmation for nice poetry. Like yours. Celebrate!

Titus said...

Hooray! Hooray!
An "A" for Eryl today!
(to the tune of "So Long, Farwell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye" from the Sound of Music).

Yep, time to break out the bubbly.

Alesa Warcan said...

Right on! Kampai! Congratulations!

flaubert said...

Nice and fun.

Wayne Pitchko said...

cheeky with aroma...cant be much better...thanfor sharing this

Sharon Longworth said...

Of course it matters what people think of your writing - and I'm thrilled that you got your A - really well done. Today's poem was just right - bubbly and slightly bonkers towards the end - just as I would be if I'd quaffed a bottle of champers...

Eryl Shields said...

Carole ~ thank you, it's nice to know you are around. I hope all is well with you.

J.D. ~ boy did I celebrate! And thank you for the compliment.

Titus ~ you even thought of the tune!

Alesa ~ is Kampai Japanese?

Pamela ~ thanks hon.

Wayne ~ thank you and you're welcome.

Sharon ~ I used to love watching Jilly Goulden (sp?) on TV years ago describing wines as tasting of such things as 'plimsolls and well rotted manure.' So this is a kind of tribute to her, she always seemed slightly bonkers but she made dinner parties such fun.

Alesa Warcan said...

Yup. It means cheers (as said before drinking).

newjenny said...

You are indubitably a woman of distinction. Congratulations and a half.

Kass said...

Isn't it interesting how a designation by an established organization can have so much weight in our lives? It wouldn't mean as much if I just gave you an A. It's nice to be acknowledged in this way after so much hard work. I wish there were more opportunities to get marked down (or up) for our achievements.

You get an A for this poem. I had to google Tesco. Now I get it as much as you intended (I hope).

Philip said...

woop woop! good work on the A. I'm really pleased - you did brilliantly considering events. Frankly this might sound rude but i barely stopped to read the poem I was so pleased about the A. Give me that novel. No pressure.

A Cuban In London said...

Fab news and fab poem! Congratulations on your portfolio. I guess all that anxiety paid off in the end.

Who would have thought that Tesco could inspire good poems like yours?

Greetings from London.

Eryl Shields said...

Alesa ~ in that case, kampai!

Jenny ~ you take me back to my school days with that, 'and a half,' they don't say that up here.

Kass ~ it is interesting especially when one considers that such organizations are comprised of ordinary individuals. I sometimes teach at this very university and mark undergraduate exam papers, which puts it into quite a different perspective.

I suppose the real test will be trying to get published.

Philip ~ one novel coming up, would you like chips with it?

Cuban ~ thank yo. Yes, the anxiety paid off this time, makes a nice change.

Pat said...

It's not as if you are my daughter or anything but I feel so proud of you - it brings tears to my eyes.xoxox

Eryl Shields said...

Pat ~ you've been with me from the start and your encouragement has made all the difference. So thank you, XXX

The World According To Me said...

Congratulations! I would be so proud of that mark! And during such a tough time in your life too.
Well done, you deserve it.

Loving the Champagne association.

Lulu LaBonne said...

This is fun and so is your good news, I'm sorry you had such a rough time during the process though.

For some reason your poem put me in mind of this

Love the new photo

I'm inspired to do a poem strating with a wv word - todays = flobl

debra said...

Kudos, Eryl. I hope you do enjoy a glass of champagne. You deserve it.
Been an interesting ride, hasn't it?

Meri said...

The acrostic is brilliant. Witty, smart, rhythmic, surprising.

savannah said...


(i love how all y'all say the word, btw. it's absolutely the most perfect expression of delight!)

Eryl Shields said...

Worldy ~ thanks, I am very chuffed, if slightly bewildered!

Lulu ~ I know that poem, I suppose it's another example of using a very strict form and being able to make only something rather absurd within its strictures.

Have done the flobl poem yet? I think you could probably set up your own competition.

Debra ~ it has been very interesting indeed, if rather bumpy at times. We had Prosecco, just a delicious but a tenth of the price.

Meri ~ thank you.


Wigeon said...

Fantastic news on the final A and well done on joining the MLitt 'extinction' club! I bet you're more than chuffed to bits as it's been a tough old haul for you. Did Jim get a distinction too? I hope so - it's been a good course so why oh why was it chopped?!
Do go and have a massive celebration and then have another one when you graduate. I hope I can come and take foties of you on the big day. I can't tell you how chuffed I am for you. It's wonderful news and chirped me up no end. So will you be joining me on a phuddle next a total glutton for punishment?! T'would be great to have the company and again have the chance to bash work about together! xxxxx