Sunday, 25 April 2010

National Poetry Writing Month, Day Twentyfour

It's well after midnight on day twenty-four, which means it's really day twenty-five and I haven't actually written a poem.

I woke up very late: 13.48 (I know!), read the prompt while still in my pit, got up and had a cup of tea, went for a run, had a cup of coffee, went for a shower and then it was time to go out for a curry with the bass players. By the time I got home it was after 12 and I still had no idea what stock phrase or cliché* to base a poem on, and anyway it was too late.

All of which means you have a break from that wtf feeling, enjoy!

*I toyed with 'acid test' for a while but nothing poem like materialized.


Elisabeth said...

Hi Eryl

Just some idle thoughts here on the topic to which you allude:

You cannot force a poem to visit
You can write prose on tap
But a poem sneaks up on you
It does not announce its arrival
It is there at your doorstep
If you do not open the door wide
To let her in, she will be off
Before you get the chance
To catch a whiff of her perfume
Assuming she's a she
She might be a he
And then you must look
For other signs

Sorry for misdirecting my comment the other day. I get mixed up at times.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Writing poems to order is an abomination - though it is perfect training for being Poet Laureate :-)

Alesa Warcan said...

Heya Eryl. Enjoy your break from enforced poetry!

~Scot free~
Got up at one forty-eight
I know I know it was very late
Read the prompt, snug in my pit
Had a cuppa and ran out to get fit
Fed the caffeine fiend for power
Washed it away with a lovely shower
Went out for curry with the bass players
Got home past mid-night, my clock a betrayer
Had trapped me in the next day
With no clue which idiom or cliché
I should have used for my poetry
Besides, 'twas too late to join the fray
So today I got away scot free
(A freed scot?)

Jimmy Bastard said...

You went for a run, and then had a curry... normally with me it's the other way around.

Eryl Shields said...

Elizabeth ~ that reminds me of the American lady poet (whose name escapes me) who said she would have to run home from the fields she worked in when a poem came to her so she could catch it and write it down before it flew off. Elizabeth Gilbert tells the story wonderfully in her TED talk on the TED website.

Gadjo ~ I'm apt to agree, though it has been a very good exercise in self discipline.

Alesa ~ thank you for that, it rhymes and everything, you're a natural.

Jimmy ~ Ha! I am churning this morning.

savannah said...

i like the idea of writing a poem a day, but as y'all can see, here on the plantation, not the actual doing! congrats to you for the doing! xoxoxoxo

Pat said...

The hours you're keeping - one would thing you had no young in the house; when the cat's away ...
BTW is he liking Hawaii?
Bass Players?

Eryl Shields said...

Savannah ~ I find the idea is often much nicer than the doing! I've now missed four days so haven't managed one a day, but I'm quite happy with that, really. Maybe next year I'll manage the whole month.

Pat ~ I'm such a night owl I could quite easily sleep all day and stay up all night, and I don't know why this is because I love sunshine.

He's having a ball by the sound of things. He keeps us posted on his blog: the latest is that hippy girls are the best!

Stevie's business partner also builds bass guitars and about twice a year all (well not all but a lot of) the chaps who have bought one come up for a bass bash. Last night it was a curry, today it was music and a lecture by a very interesting acoustic upright bass player: fascinating stuff.

Titus said...

Just getting over the fact that you got up at 1.48. PM.

Eryl Shields said...

Even I was taken aback when I looked at the time. Different story today though, I don't think I got to sleep till about 8am and my alarm went off at 10, so I'm barely functioning now.