Thursday, 15 April 2010

National Poetry Writing Month, Day Fifteen

Today's RWP prompt:

Do you have the courage to attempt today’s prompt, written by RWP member Dale? If you haven’t practiced being silly in a while, this is the perfect assignment for you:
In a nice private place, pick out a stanza, or a few lines, that you like from a poem that you don’t otherwise feel was very successful. Say them over to yourself.
Now hum them. See if you can find the tune.
And now sing them aloud. (Who cares if you can sing? You’re in private. And this is poetry!)
Throwing away the rest of the poem, write two more stanzas (stand-alone or connected) that go to the same tune.

No fair doing it silently!

Missing the Beat

It’s sub-prime time
for this aging
poet’s mind.
I ain’t got no music
cos my ears are going blind.

It’s four before
and I’m running out
of time,
but I ain’t got no music
must’ve left it all behind.

I’m so close to losing
that I’m burning
in the heat,
but I ain’t got no music
cos I ain’t got no beat.


flaubert said...

Cute one!

Robin said...

Fun poem! I can relate to the end...I'm soooo musically challenged! :(

Titus said...

I've gotta hear this!

Alesa Warcan said...

I dig it, no hemming, no hawing: I dig it. I read it aloud several times using different voices... It works beautifully.

skankinmoon said...

love this: It’s sub-prime time
for this aging
poet’s mind.

J D Mackenzie said...

Like this. Would work in a range of musical styles including acoustic blues. You're a natural!

Wayne Pitchko said...

nbeat missed here.....well done

Greg O'Connell said...

"my ears are going blind." Like hell! You have the sonar of the finest and 'battiest' poets. Wish I'd strung that phrase together...genius! G =)

Kass said...

Wow, I can almost hear the tune. I especially like 'my ears are going blind.' So fun!

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yowser, this is performance poet stuff and it works!

I think poet-turned-singer Leonard Cohen took the "Who cares if you can sing? This is poetry!" advice to heart ;-)

Eryl Shields said...

Pamela ~ thanks, hon!

Robin ~ shall we start our own band?

Titus ~ you hum, I'll...

Alesa ~ which voice worked best?

Skankinmoon ~ soon to be post-prime time, I fear.

JD ~ if only I could play the guitar! Thank you.

Wayne ~ you are too kind.

Greg ~ it's amazing what one can come up with when one is desperate!

Kass ~ truth be told, I think they always have been!

Gadjo ~ I think he did, and I applaud him, wish I was that brave!

Alesa Warcan said...

Greg Eagle... Without a doubt.
Suzanne Vega as a close second.

If you are interested in hearing what he sounds like, you can check out this link. Highly recommend skipping the intro and going straight to poems, there's a link to the audio (read by Greg Eagle) at the top of each poem. Jeff Wofford's poems

Pat said...

'if you haven’t practiced being silly in a while,'
Do people actually have to practice being silly? Sorry I'm being silly.
I'd like to hear you sing it. Maybe Kim could accompany you on one of his instruments - unless you do that also.

Eryl Shields said...

Alesa ~ thanks, I'll have a listen to Greg Eagle.

Pat ~ I've been practicing for years but still can't do it. You, on the other hand, seem to have a natural talent!

I don't suppose you really would like to hear me sing it, not if you'd heard me sing before.