Monday, 5 April 2010

National Poetry Writing Month, Day Five

Today’s Read Write Poetry prompt is:

‘Give poetry — how you view poetry, what poetry means to you, your poetry — a name. Now write a poem [that] suits your view or vision.’


Strong as a crow bar and braver still,
winged like an eagle and torch eyed.
You dive into the abyss curious
to poke your fingers into crevices.
Illuminate fissures and tear them open,
leaving them to heal in their own time.

Sharp as a flint and feather-bed soft.
Closer than skin. My anti-aging super cream.
Itchy as a bug in the trouser of a politician.
Over-turner of rocks, of furniture, of my self
appointed kitchen. Compost and bone-meal,
you soil my hands but feed my garden.


Alesa Warcan said...

Heya Hester, nice to meet you. I've seen you around and am looking forward to seeing more of you.

Jimmy Bastard said...

At the first flight of arrows sent
Four score the English they slew.
At last these two stout nations did meet
Like captains of great might;
Like lions would they laid on load
And made a crueler fight.
They fought, until they both did sweat,
With swords of tempered steel,
Until the blood, like drops of rain,
They trickling down did feel.
O yield thee English! Jimmy said,
In faith, I will thee bring
Where thou shalt high advanced be
By James our Scottish king

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done Eryl...ks for sharing your words ...and thanks for checking out my words

Lulu LaBonne said...

I'm enjoying this - interesting prompts (I might go off and try one myself)

Titus said...

Wow, what a prompt! I'd be scared to tackle that one.
And very powerful response, really liked the first stanza particularly.

Richelle Dodaro said...

I love "closer than skin." that image is powerful.

Greg O'Connell Poet in Schools said...

Hi, Eryl. Love the line break: "self / appointed kitchen". Just discovered your blog. And I'll be back. I invite you to read my poems at www.gregoconnell.com (Find NaPoWriMo 2010 in the top menu bar) - Greg =)

savannah said...

the prompts are incredible, but the writing...even more so, each day seems a bit more confident than the last, sugar1 xoxox

steven said...

eryl i love the drawn-together scatter but never moreso than in the line: " you soil my hands but feed my garden." words to light up a night. steven

Pat said...

Great picture of Hester but is she human or a much loved pet?

flaubert said...

Great poem and this line is so funny
"My anti-aging super cream.
Itchy as a bug in the trouser of a politician."


Eryl Shields said...

Alesa ~ Hester is very pleased to meet you too!

Jimmy ~ ooh, thank you.

Wayne ~ poetry is a sharing kind of thing isn't it?

Lulu ~ I can't recommend it highly enough so do have a go, the prompts are great.

Titus ~ it took a bit of thinking about this one, at first I didn't have a clue what they were asking. I'm glad it sunk in though, worth examining what you are doing. I named my poetry Hester after lady Hester Stanhope the explorer who sounds curious, steadfast, belligerent and grumpy.

Richelle ~ I was quite pleased with that too, so glad you like it, thank you for telling me.

Greg ~ I have to admit to being terribly random when it comes to line breaks and 'self' was 'well' for ages, and 'appointed' was 'designed'. Thank you for stopping by.

Savvy ~ aren't they? And thank you, and really? XXXXX

Steven ~ thanks, I wasn't sure about that line even though it does kind of sum up my poetry for me.

Pat ~ she could be either really couldn't she, but she is the personification of my poetry, sort of!

Pamela ~ thank you, glad to have amused you!

one more believer said...

it's all so lyrical but that last line "..Compost and bone-meal,
you soil my hands but feed my garden..." was a perfect topper... happy day 5 file and forget

Katharine Whitcomb said...

I love the images in the last stanza in particular.

angryparsnip said...

I think you are really enjoying this project... it shows !

cheers, parsnip

Erin Davis said...

I really admire the powerful, gritty, beautifully expressed images here!

lucychili said...

Great imagery
feisty and funny
All the best

Titus said...

Made me think of The Scarlet Letter. She's a Hester too. I think.

Rachel Fox said...

Good prompt...and I love the 'crow bar'...Ted Hughes memories...bashed into a new shape!

Eryl Shields said...

One More ~ thank you.

Katharine ~ it's interesting that these images float to the surface. Don't know where they come from.

Parsnip ~ I am finding it really challenging and fun, glad it shows!

Erin ~ thank you.

Janet ~ thank you.

Titus ~ I don't think I've read The Scarlet Letter, so I don't know.

Rachel ~ I'm pretty immersed in Ted Hughes, he's the first poet I read of my own volition and I stuck jealously to him for years. I did wonder if it was ok to use the word 'crow' at all given that he's made it so much his own. The prompts are getting harder: today's will take me hours of concentration.

Titus said...

Read it - great book! At the end of the month, perhaps...