Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A quick hello...

I can't help sharing two things with you: Bob (my son) passed his driving test today. I was extra relieved by this because he had to take it in my car and I was late picking him up from work for the appointment, so he was wound quite tight by the time we arrived at the test centre.

The other thing is that as well as working on my portfolio (which is coming along incrementally), I have also been dealing with six stone of pork from one of these:

and am in the process of making the belly and part of the back into bacon. Most of it will be in the cure for another few days to ensure it lasts the winter. But we got to taste the sweet-cure today.

I made one of my staples, Carbonara, and it was delicious: it tasted just like Carbonara, with bacon tasting just like bacon.

So although I haven't yet got any work done today it was a good day.