Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Break Time (thanks Savannah)

Savanna has tagged me with a meme that asks me to:

Link to the person who tagged me

Write the rules of the meme
Mention six things or habits of no importance about me
Tag six people and add their links
Alert the people I have tagged

The six things of no importance about me are:

I've just learnt that pressing alt and 7 on my keyboard gets me that sign

§ I am a very late adopter of new technology, so have only just relented and got an electric kettle (to diminish my carbon footprint a little)

I almost never wear jewelry even though I admire people who do

¢ I love pantries

¡ I am fascinated by foods that affect the colour of one's poos (have you ever drunk beetroot juice, I thought my body had rejected my colon?)

º I've never been to Manaus.

Now I have to tag six people, but because I have such a small circle and I've tagged you all a squillion times, I think I'll just leave that bit. Anyone who feels like taking this on though, be my guest, it's quite fun trying to think of things about oneself that are utterly trivial. And I'm not sure I quite managed it because I have a feeling my love of pantries is really quite important.


HoodChick said...

I wish I had a pantry. My mom has 2 (yes 2!) in her kitchen. It's so unfair.

debra said...

Eryl, I tried alt+ 1-0, too :-)
And have you ever eaten asparagus, then used the bathroom?

savannah said...

yippieee! i knew you'd have fun with it, sugarpie! xoxox

Eryl Shields said...

Hoodie ~ she has two! I am so envious.

Debra ~ yes, it's really quite unpleasant, but I love asparagus so I put up wit it.

Savannah ~ I did! XXXXX

Conan Drumm said...

Pantries - I had to pause there, briefly, before I read it properly.

Electric kettles are heavy on the electricity. We have a gas hob and boil on that. The gas costs us max €140 a year for all the cooking we do on it.

PI said...

We had 2 pantries and we got builders in to convert them into one which - in the fullness of time, would be converted into a super bathroom and guess what - 10 years later it is full of MTL's beloved cardboard boxes.
What's the difference between a pantry and a skullery I wonder?
Where is Manaus?
BTW there is a vitamin pill- iron? which makes pee yellow.

Kim Ayres said...

Like Conan, I misread pantries at first, missing the 'r'

Must be a male thing

Carole said...

My pantry never has the exact thing I want, when I want it, which does away with me loving pantries.

Eryl Shields said...

Conan ~ we have a gas hob (and oven) too, and our gas bill is enormous (twelve times yours). Perhaps I cook too much, or drink too much tea. If we have a decent summer this year I hope to do more cooking outside by burning the debris from the garden.

Pat ~ I think sculleries have sinks, but pantries are just for storing: jars of jams and pickles, tins of gingerbread, jars of homemade lemonade, crockery including pressed glass cake stands, and neatly folded napery. Though I could be totally wrong there.

Manaus is a port in Amazonian Brazil. I only know this because I cut out a picture of it from the Guardian once, it looks so colourful, and then googled to find out more.

Kim ~ it is a male thing because no woman worth her salt would use such a flimsy word for such a hard working garment. It's a male fantasy word, rather like pantry is a female fantasy word. I wonder if they are so similar so we can occasionally stumble into each others' fantasies and breed?

Carole ~ so you don't have the superior magic type, I feel for you: to get so close.

scarlet-blue said...

I am fascinated by foods that affect the colour of one's poos

I think this has the whiff of something Freudian about it... I will have to look it up...

Eryl Shields said...

You could well be right, Scarlet, my mother, apparently, had me sitting on a potty from eight months old and made me stay there until I used it which could take some hours. I remember her trying to convince me I must do the same thing with my own child but I refused and he just started using the loo of his own accord at about two years, much to her chagrin.

PI said...

Eryl: great definition - I'm sure you're right.
A friend came for coffee today and I gave her an illuminated globe for her Chinese grand-children. Oh look she said 'There's Manaus.' Manaus had not been mentioned previously. Odd or what?

PI said...

Eryl: naughty Mum! You were lucky to get away without a rectal prolapse.

Eryl Shields said...

Pat ~ Odd indeed.

I feel very lucky, now I know about it, to have gotten away without a rectal prolapse!

Mary Witzl said...

I love pantries too! I love the kind that have wooden doors and shiny bottles of tasty things like piccalilli and preserves on the shelves, especially if they have homemade labels on them. I love ones with cheese wrapped in wax paper and neatly arranged rows of cans. Pantries make me feel all warm and safe and comfortable.

Eryl Shields said...

Cheese wrapped in wax paper...
oh how I dream!

savannah said...

hugs, hugs and more hugs for YOU! xoxo