Monday, 12 January 2009

A Bite at the Apple

I am very slow to replace things, or embrace new stuff. I tend to keep going with what I have until I'm pushed to go to the shops once more. It's not that I don't like the shops, I do, I love being in the city amongst the interestingly dressed. But I tend to feel I'm doing fine with what I have, so why go to all the hassle and expense of getting new. For example, I still haven't changed to an electric kettle, I was one of the last people I know to embrace MP3, and I only manage to get a haircut about twice a year (I have been known to go for two years between trims too).

There does, though, come a time when new is needed. My keyboard has been difficult for some time: you had to press each key exactly in the centre for it to register and some of the keys stuck so badly they needed a hefty prod. All of which made typing anything at all a rather slow and grumbly process. But you just get used to things don't you? And it had been the instrument on which I had been typing for years, so it felt like a collaborator without which I wouldn't have been able to write. But on Saturday Bob was doing something on my computer and his amazement at how unfit for purpose the old horse was decided things: a new one must be got and got now. So this evening, delightful trip to Glasgow over, I have this teeny tiny elegant thing that just works. I already wonder why I put up with the old one for so long!

Next to the notepad I use to make shopping lists to give a sense of its minute proportions.

Kiera Knightley standing next to Nigella Lawson.

There's now so much more space on my desk, joy!

Update: Kim came round the other day clutching his camera, and now look I have a marvellous new header! Don't you think I look tough, I've always wanted to look tough?


debra said...

Very sweet, Eryl. Now there is plenty of room for a cup of coffee and a slice of vanilla cheesecake...

Conan Drumm said...

... and an ashtray for your pipe!

incidentally, have you written about your pipe-smoking?

The World According To Me said...

As Debra said, your tiny keyboard leaves you plenty of room for the other important things in life, like coffee and food!

Can you imagine how small keyboards will be in ten years time? They could be the size of a mobile phone?! Or maybe we will have virtual keyboards?

Eryl Shields said...

Debra ~ I've always managed to make room for those! Now, though, I could have a whole banquet.

Conan ~ Not yet, pipe smoking is proving a bit irritating as the damn thing keeps going out, which probably makes it perfect blog, and even poetry, fodder. I also need to experiment with tobacco as I'm not getting that old club smell from it that I want.

World ~ I can't imagine being able to actually type on anything smaller, but maybe we'll all be using voice recognition in a few years. As I'm a useless typist what I would love is something I could write longhand on, some sort of electronic pad perhaps. Though that could be weird.

Kim Ayres said...

It looks about the size of a small laptop keyboard.

If you search about, you can actually get a solution to writing longhand. There are "graphics tablets" you can buy where you have a pen shape instead of a mouse, and as you move it around the tablet, the movements correspond on the screen.

You can also get handwriting recognition software, which I think you can train to recognise your handwriting too.

It's all out there already. But you might want to wait until there's an income stream coming into the house

PI said...

Debra do you not think the old key board may have had its fair share of coffee and cake?
What's an MP3?
I bought a new key board because I still look at the letters and they had faded. I find with my wrist jelly, mouse and mouse pad one or other is constantly slipping off but think a smaller one may be too dainty for my maturing hands:)
Everyone should have a Bob.

Jane Dearie said...

Crumbs Eryl, it's a little Dinky Toy! Anybody remember those? Do they still exist?
I'd love to get my wee hands on that keyboard to give it a workout. It's actually really rather sweet!
Big question remains - how on earth have you got through three semesters of mad sticky key fights?
Keyboards of love, Jane xxx

Tousled Raven said...

I can see the volumes of poetry and prose fitting in between the mugs and plates of goodies.
One day, not that far away, the volumes of great works besides that little keyboard will be by Eryl.
LOL to you, xxx

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ It's very like a lap-top keyboard, a macbook air keyboard in fact.

I once tried voice recognition software and it drove me potty, so I'll wait until all these things have been perfected and come down in price significantly too.

Pat ~ It could be cake crumbs that scuppered the old keyboard! Mp3 is something to do with music and computers. I think it's a format, ipods use it: you download the music in the form of an mp3 from some website and then transfer it onto you portable music player. I read an interesting statistic about this recently, it was something like 89% of 16-25 year olds have no concept of paying for music, they just download it! How things change.

Jane ~ It has been a bit of a slog, but I didn't realise just how much of a slog until I used this one. Now I'm actually quite enjoying typing it seems so fast!X

TR ~ Now I have a keyboard that works you might be right. One can dream! X

Kim Ayres said...

Cool new header :)

savannah said...

wow, a very cool header and keyboard, sugar! that kitchen is hopping! good for you! xoxo

Carole said...

I like your new keyboard and extra room which will soon fill up with various and asundry items. But in the meantime your header does look very awesome.

You look tough, edgy, completely brave, and exactly like a writer.

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ I'm looking at what else I can perk up now. You've given me a whole new displacement activity genre!

Savannah ~ I seem, suddenly, to have become computer literate! XXX

Carole ~ Hello lady, and happy new year to you. I did feel quite brave when I said 'OK then,' to Kim's question: 'Can I bring my camera?'I like 'edgy', edgy might be even better than tough!

debra said...

Hey Eryl--you look tough and worldly:-) Is that as much Kim's view as yours?

Kanani said...

I LOVE the header! Good going, Kim!

I have a similar keyboard, only mine has a ten-key on the side. It's made by Mac, and I really love it. What a difference it's made!

PI said...

Yes the header is great - so evocative!

The World According To Me said...

Love the new header. It's the new tough you!

Eryl Shields said...

Debra ~ I guess you could call it a collaboration. Kim took the shots and then, with his lap-top on my kitchen table, messed about with them as I said things like: 'yes, black and white. Oh, that's good!' And then he came up with versions of the header and I got him to make changes until I had this one.

Kanani ~ isn't he clever!

You must have the wired version. I chose wireless because my computer is in an odd place and a wire would be a nuisance. My last keyboard was also a wireless mac one, and it was also great when it was new.

Pat ~ but what does it evoke?

World ~ it is, in spirit anyway!