Monday, 22 September 2008

Kicking Against the Pricks

It's back to school for me today. The first day of the autumn term, and I am so looking forward to it. I haven't quite done the full prep, not given my colleague's stories, emailed to me a couple of weeks ago, the attention they deserve, so I'm going to have to wing it a little. It's a Monday morning, I woke up before my alarm went off, and Stevie wasn't (and still isn't here) here (he's gone to Glasgow for an interview). It feels so normal.

I still don't know how I'm going to pay my fees, but I'll keep attending until they escort me out the building. Then I'll put it in my book, which, having been abandoned over the summer, is beginning to come back to me.

And if I wanted a reason to stop feeling sorry for myself and bloody get on with it I found one here. Now I really know I have nothing to complain about. Jane is a friend of mine so I knew something of what she'd been through, and what she is going through now. But fucking hell, read this. If I end up living in a council house on benefits all I'll need to do is think of Jane to know how easy I've got it.


debra said...

Good luck to you today, Eryl. And to Jane, thank you.

Eryl Shields said...

Thanks Debra, I had a good class: I was introduced to the writer Amy Hemple (hadn't heard of her before), and lent her book The Dog of the Marriage, which looks set to keep me very happy for a day or two.

Kim Ayres said...

best of luck and fun for the new term. Hope the interview goes well for Stevie :)

Jane Dearie said...

I really hope your year at uni goes well Eryl. You're a brill writer and I really enjoy reading your work. How did Stevie get on? I'm fingers crossed it's good news all round on the new day of term, the first day of autumn and first day of Libra - a balanced outlook with any luck?!
Thanks so much for helping to publicise my new blog and alert others to my campaign. I hope it will help victims and their families in the future and be of some comfort to the many victims of Carruthers who never got the justice that should have been theirs by right.

savannah said...

my best to you and your man this year (always actually), sugar! thanks for the link re: jane dearie. it saddens me that rape is still treated so lightly around the world and a woman's word so devalued. let us hope that there is still justice for those who survive.

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ Classes are always fun, in an exhausting kind of way. The work they generate though! I have to write a new story in ten days, and in the next couple of weeks an opening chapter of a novel along with a synopsis of the rest of it, not to mention the poetry. Thank goodness I oiled my counter-tops over the weekend so I have one less thing to worry about.

Jane ~ I think Stevie got on well. I did ask him but when he started talking about spreadsheets I blacked out. I'll ask him again tomorrow. He has another one tomorrow too though, so things could get confusing. I have every faith that he will get another job without us having to evacuate the house, more faith, I think, than he does. He's never let me down before.

You're welcome, about the blog publicity. Anything else I can do to help just let me know. It's about time we got a proper dialogue going about this subject.

Savannah ~ Thank you. I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. I do generally believe in that old maxim about things that don't kill you making you stronger.

It is sad isn't it, very sad?

Kanani said...

Ah, best wishes in your class. Hope it's past mid terms when they notice you haven't paid.

As for Jane, I'm sorry. So, so sorry. I think what she's doing is very good, and through this process of coming public she'll find herself with a wider circle of supporters and friends and will get stronger.

Eryl Shields said...

Oops, I've told them I can't pay just yet and asked for a deferral of the fees until I can, perhaps I shouldn't have done that! But Glasgow University has become a commercial enterprise of late, so they have a whole team of people keeping an eye on these things and badgering you constantly. However, I have faith in the educationalists that inhabit its halls, and our campus is very small and intimate so everyone knows me and will fight my corner if needed, I'm sure.

As for Jane, she is an amazing woman, a tower of strength and generous to a fault. She is doing this, not for herself, but to try and ensure that women everywhere are safe from such men.

The World According To Me said...

Winging it often works wonders!

I hope people are fighting your corner re the fees and everything works out okay.

As for your friend. I don't think I have enough words to describe how terrible her ordeal must have been. Life sure can be cruel.

PI said...

Sorry to be late in the week. My computer problems are as nothing compared to the real ills of the world and power to Jane's elbow; that sort of experience beggars belief.
I hope all will go well at college and you and Steve prosper. Away for a week - see you when I get backxoxox

Eryl Shields said...

TWATM ~ You're right, I wouldn't like to do it too often though!

Pat ~ Have a fab week away. Things are looking up a little here now. X

Mary Witzl said...

Good luck to you, Eryl, and to Stevie too. I hope his interview went well and that things improve there.

My heart goes out to Jane Dearie. What she is doing is noble and good, and I am filled with admiration for her for following this through; it takes real guts. More power to her.

Jane Dearie said...

Eryl, many thanks to all your readers who have posted about my campaign to get better justice for victims of serious crimes in Scotland.
I'd be delighted if any of your readers would like to leave comments on my blog at http://janedearie.blogspot.com
It helps to show the 'powers that be' that women will stand together against such evil men and the present system that treats the survivors so badly.
Thanks to all for your support and kindness, Jane

Eryl Shields said...

Thanks Mary, things will improve I'm sure of it. Jane's amazing isn't she? I don't know how she keeps going.

Jane ~ fingers, toes, even nose hairs, crossed for your success. It will make a huge difference to all of us. And I don't think it is just women who want this, all the men I've spoken to have said that this man makes them ashamed to be male