Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Year in Ten Minutes

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. I feel I need to mark it but I don't quite know how. I'd have made it a cake but it would just go to my hips and they can't take anymore. I did think about trawling through my past posts and finding my favourite comments, but am too lazy. And as today is cleaning day I don't have much time. So I am going to do a quick brain storm about the past year. That is I am going to think about my first year as a blogger and then type onto the page anything that comes into my mind without editing at all. Hopefully this won't alienate all my blog-pals.

Coffee Cocoa

Affirmation Links Alien

Pie Past Hare Universe

Place Connection Sheep Story Anecdote

Ties Map Freedom Chalk-lines Thoughts



distance closeness Periodic Tables

Travel Yellow


Reality Realism

Picture Time Journey Journal

Who do you think you are? YZOVLF approval

Translate Philosophy Place Difference

Island Art Write Perfect Aside

Energy Synthesis Telling Mending Fix

Voice Cat

OK, my time is up. Can you find yourself referenced? I think you are all here, some more obviously than others.


Kim Ayres said...

I think you could record it as a poem for the Storytellers Blog :)

Kim Ayres said...

I meant to add CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your 1st anniversary too

Dr Maroon said...

Wiud some power the giftie gi'e us,
To see oursel's as others see us.

Am I travel yellow?


what about reality realism?

Tell you what, you've got me stumped apart from the last one and that's becase I might have a virtual thing for that one, oh yes, but least said, soonest mended, there, and Sam of course, but that's just because of the sheep. We'll say no more about it and that's that.

Happy year's blogging and all that. A year eh? So long?

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ Now there's a thought!

Doc ~ You're perfect aside and you know it. Oh, and Pie.

Carole said...

I agree with Kim on posting it on the Storyteller's blog and I think your mind is incredible. In one billion years I might have been able to do that, but not in 10 minutes.

Eryl Shields said...

Carole ~ I based it on an exercise we did in class on Monday: think of objects from childhood onwards and just write as many of them down in five minutes as you can. In the class we had to preface them with 'The' so I got things like 'The Yellow Bowl', 'The Slipper', 'The Bolts of Fabric' etc.

So for this I thought of blogging and all the people I've met though it and typed in any word that came to mind. I guess the words you come up with depend on your own experience, the kinds of things that stick out for you and your own interests. So even if you had my blog you would come up with different ones. I decided not to use any punctuation and to click 'enter' randomly to make it less controlled.

The trick is, I think, to try not to force the words but just let them come to you.

I've just come upon this poem by William Carlos Williams which, for some reason, seems to apply:

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Dr Maroon said...

Island Art Perfect Aside I thought was kanani because she was from Hawaii, and although I gave out a recipe for hare pie, I thought the pie one was PI, as in pie past hare universe. Haven't a clue about the periodic tables.


Tonbridge Wells.

Dr Maroon said...

Island Art Perfect Aside I thought was kanani because she was from Hawaii, and although I gave out a recipe for hare pie, I thought the pie one was PI, as in pie past hare universe. Haven't a clue about the periodic tables.


Tonbridge Wells.

Dr Maroon said...


Kim Ayres said...

Great to see Chalk Lines :)

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

They're not stories! It's all true! How o how o how o how many times must I tell you all this? 7? 15-and-a-half?

Happy bloggy birthday, lovely Eryl. I have very much enjoyed getting to know you this past year. You've taught me loads about writerly theory and exercises I didn't know existed and have inspired me by taking what your talent and love of writing and throroughly exploring it in a degree.

More power to your digits, lady!

I think it's becoming our own little blogging tradition to celebrate with a snifter of the drink Pat introduced us all to: kir.

PI said...

Congratulations Eryl and lang may you continue! It's nice to know you're nice to know and you're nice to know.
I'll have a cyber bite of your cake and a real kir tonight. Happy landings!

Kanani said...

Hey, congratulations...
It's been a good run so far, don't you think? I love the title of your blog.. how did you think of it?

Eryl Shields said...

Doc ~ Ha! Puzzle away.

Kim ~ Yeah, that seems to have made it into the general vocabulary. I think of it as a Carole thing now, she seems to have really taken it up.

Sam ~ It's only stories that are true though. All the rest is rubbish.

Pat ~ Thanks. Have one for me too, I'm on the wagon to try and save my remaining brain cells.

Kanani ~ I do and I'm enjoying it more and more.

The title came from my son: because he was the only one amongst his university buddies who could cook it was his nickname. And because I tend to retreat to the kitchen for therapy and can be quite territorial about it, I thought it suited me too.

PI said...

Oh doccie, doccie doccie! Let me wrap this rare feeling of superiority around me for a wee while. BLISS!
Although it is TOnbridge it is TUnbridge Wells. I know because I lived betwixt for many years. Please don't hate me:) xoxoxoxo
BTW I couldn't fathom the clues - no surprise there then.

Dr Maroon said...

Pat How I wish I could say it was a typo, but it was deliberate, and I did worry over it for a second or two because it had me flumoxed. If it's 50/50 I always get it wrong.

DuMbarton yet DuNbartonshire, pick the bones out of that one, little missy.

Kindest regards to YTL this night of nights.

PI said...

Very gracious Doccie.
No haggis this year -thank God!

Mary Witzl said...

Congratulations on your first year, Eryl, and I am now wondering when my first year anniversary is -- or was? I think I started blogging back in January, but only in a very tenuous and pitiful way.

Um...am I the alien? Sorry: I'm having a thick moment here, and besides, I'm notorious for never being able to get things like this.

And Dr Maroon, Kanani is not, despite her name, from Hawaii. She is a fellow Californian. (I am right, Kanani, aren't I?)

Eryl Shields said...

Pat and Doc ~ Umm... yeah.....

Mary ~ Thanks, though I'm not sure clinging onto this means of procrastination is really something to be congratulated on.

Amongst other things you are, of course, Alien yes. As people have commented on this I've reread it and found that most of it can apply to most of you, in some way. Or, in other words, I don't really know myself who is what.

debra said...

A most happy belated anniversary to you, Eryl. Have a cup of cyber coffee or tea on me!

TIV: the individual voice said...

Eryl: make your blog a one year birthday cake here:

Eryl Shields said...

Debra ~ Thanks for the tea, delicious!

Tiv ~ Lord! another place to get lost for whole days.