Saturday, 29 December 2007

Illuminating with Black

I have had a brilliant idea. I'm hoping it will be the one. As a student of literature I have to have instant access to quotes, ideas, the contents of my own addled brain. When I read I write down little bits and pieces that I think I need to remember, that somehow shine out from the whole. Then when I'm writing an essay, I find I can't remember where I put something the importance of which my very life depends on. I spend hours searching through my notes and journal. Most of essay writing, for me, consists of tearing my room apart looking for IT. Trying to remember who said it and finally trying to link 'its' together.

As a novice writer I am inspired by the little tips I glean from the forewords, afterwords and introductions to the work of accomplished writers and also their letters, interviews and journals. I read these things avidly and often have several on the go at the same time. In my own journal I write down snippets of note and then promptly forget. I need this stuff to be there, right in front of me.

Another thing I find I need, at a certain stage in the writing process is to be able to see the shape of my work. I need to be able to just look at the form of it. At the moment I'm doing an anthology with an introduction. I have mind maps and notes on bits of paper that delineate it but I keep having to get up and find them, and, of course, the shape changes over time so I end up with piles of scraps of paper and often can't find the latest or most pertinent one.

So I've had a brilliant idea. Today I am going to paint one of the walls in my room with blackboard paint. So when an idea is taking force I will write on this wall all those slippery nuggets I feel will feed it. And as ideas grow and become stories, or chapters or essays I'll draw them out on the wall so I can see where they are leading, not in their entirety, just the shape of them.

So there you are, my latest big idea. I'm hoping it will de-clutter my mind and my room and help me to become just a little more organised.


Carole said...

Like a huge storyboard. That is a very cool idea.

Eryl Shields said...

Exactly! It's done now and I am so in love with it. In fact I'll take a snap of it to show you.

Kim Ayres said...

It is indeed a really cool idea. Just make sure you hoover up the chalk dust quite frequently :)

PI said...

It is an excellent idea. Does it really work like a black board?

TIV: the individual voice said...

Excellent idea. You might want to consider writing a post for my Mind Maps blog. Or, with your permission, I could even repost this post. Take a look at the blog and leave a note there if you would like to do such a thing. I love this post. It fits right in and would like right back to your blog with full credit! It's one of my four blogs. Four, yes. I'm trying to figure out how to be a writer too.

Postcards From Bloggerville

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ oh no! Have I created more work for myself?

Pat ~ Yes it works exactly like a blackboard.

Tiv ~ Hello, lovely to meet you. I will pop over to your blog right now in a quite excited manner.