Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Multiple Personality Disorder

As part of my Mlitt I have had to set up a blog. Now, as I already have one and contribute to another it might seem that that is something I've already got covered but somehow I haven't been able to resist making another. So here is a link to my new, what I hope to be, writerly blog: http://anmlittofonesown.blogspot.com/

The idea behind the assignment is that blogging is a new genre all of its own and so I am to visit other blogs
and then do one of my own. So I have taken the opportunity to try a different template and will attempt to make it a kind of writer's diary. Eventually I'll get some writerly links on the side-bar and post some inspiring writers quotes. It will be dedicated to all things literary. That's the plan anyway. Maybe I'll ask writers out there to guest post, maybe I'll try interviewing some of you about your writing lives. Lord it's beginning to run away with me already...

PS: I'm having a deal of trouble posting at the moment, the text is all over the place and when I try and include photographs it all comes out wrong. I tried putting up a picture of my writing room, inspired by the Guardian Review, and at one stage it started multiplying before disappearing all together. What the hell's going on? 


Dr Maroon said...

I'm not typing all that out again

Eryl Shields said...

Don't worry doc, I hope this is a haven for the infirm, neurotic and disabled...
much love ~ the kitchen bitch

Kim Ayres said...

I don't think either of us have anyone who isn't infirm, disabled and/or neurotic in our blogger circles.

So is it:

a) everyone is neurotic
b) all bloggers are neurotic
c) the bloggers we attract are neurotic
d) our own neuroses causes us to fail to see that everyone else is in fact normal
e) it's just me

Dr Maroon said...

So, like, got any sonnets? I can do you an eight-verser for thirty quid, your choice of subject, or it’s twenty for a half, you know, just to get you started. ‘sup to you, you know where I am.

Eryl, yesterday I typed out a very witty, very loooong, comment about how bitter I was about you getting an emlit just by blogging, I may have mentioned the University of East Anglia, God forgive me, and FINALLY, I said I WOULD visit your new site but that you must accept all my bitter criticism in the spirit of this and that and so on. It was a very well written piece actually. I made an effort (a) to show off and (b) to put you in your place, then, when I sent it, I got a message saying the page had expired. Christ, who really cares? Skip to the end-

This has happened to me at Daphne’s once or twice, she doesn’t believe me either.

I said, skip to the end-

I don’t think Blogger has the patience to wait while one collects one’s whatever the word is; after a minute or something it just wanders off to talk to someone more interesting.

Jesus! The end! Thank you!

Oh, good luck Eryl, with the

Eryl Shields said...

Kim ~ Everyone is neurotic about something. Take a look at 'Psychologies' a magazine the very existence of which tells me I'm right.

Doc ~ You are kindness incarnate.

Mary Witzl said...

I want to advise you on the photograph problem, Eryl, but since I have only just posted my very first photograph ever, I don't think my skills are strong enough yet. My triumph was aided by both my husband and youngest child, who stood over my shoulder saying things like 'No, not THAT icon, the one next to it!' and getting very shirty about my nervous and tentative efforts.

Kanani said...

So where are we supposed to find you now? Here? Or that MLITT?
And are we supposed to NOT refer to you as the kitchen bitch on that blog? You'll have to give us some etiquette rules!

ANyway, I've tagged you over on my blog for a memory meme.

Eryl Shields said...

Mary ~ I was getting along nicely with photographs but suddenly it's all gone horribly wrong. I'll have to get Bob to look at it but for now I will come over and look and your (collective) handy-work.

Kanani ~ I'll still be here and the M.Litt thing will be something else. I don't know why I think I can manage two blogs when I don't get to do much over here. A meme hugh? I'll come over and see what it's all about.

Chelsi said...

Good for people to know.