Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Slowly getting to grips with this blog thing

Well, I do feel smug: I have just managed to insert a hits counter to my blog. I realize that the majority of bloggers will find this an easy and therefore probably rather insignificant step, but for me it's major. As a middle aged technophobe I feel I have made a step in the right direction. Now I can see if I am making contact with anyone at all and this is surely the point of blogging. Why do I want to do this? Well that's yet another question to be pondered: I guess we are, at least on one level, social animals. And as I spend most of my time holed up in my study reading for my disssertation project blogging for me is the equivalent of going to a nightclub. It would be nice to know that there are other people at the club too, even if they never speak to me.

Have just popped over to my friend Kim Ayres' blog, he is philosopher and I do love reading his stuff. His latest post is about constructing one's own narrative and as I'm currently reading Nietzsche it is right on trend for me. It's so nice to hear someone is making the effort to rewrite his story. I've been trying to rewrite mine but have currently been knocked off track by an unfathomable desire for a ridiculously expensive brown leather bag. I'm trying to fight it but I think it's winning: I imagine myself carrying books and notepads and pens in it. That I will use it til the day I die and that it will grow more beautiful with age.


Kim Ayres said...

Good old Nietzsche - gotta love him :)

I see you've got the hang of creating links too - I'm honoured that you've chosen me to be your first.

To build up your visitors you now need to visit other blogs and leave comments. Most people will then come over and see who it is that's just commented on their blog, and some will even leave a message.

When they do, post a reply - most people like it when you reply to their comments as it makes them feel you take them seriously.

Hope the dissertation's going well

Kitchen Bitch said...

Thanks Kim, so that's how it's done! My problem is I could spend the whole day reading other people's blogs and therefore not reading Nietzsche.

The diss isn't going too badly, I'm enjoying the research but I find the writing torture. Hope your philosophy class is going well too.

Kim Ayres said...

Blogging is a major distraction, there's no doubt. However, if you get into a habit of leaving a comment on a blog post whenever you read one, even if it's only a few words, then you'll definitely attract more visitors. And if you leave a thoughtful or witty comment, then sometimes you'll get visitors from other commenters who want to see who the thoughtful and witty commenter is. And so it builds.

The philosophy class is going well. Tomorrow we're looking at environmentalism, which should be a lot of fun, especially as I saw a programme last week about how man-made CO2 is not causing climate change. That should get a good debate going :)

I don't envy you the writing - it was always the worst bit for me. Much more fun talking about it.

Kitchen Bitch said...

Thoughtful and witty - yikes!

Carole said...

There is nothing better than an expensive brown leather bag to carry pens and paper in. It will in the long run help rewrite your story. And if not it will give you great philosophizing time. "I shop, therefore I brown bag it." Well...

Thanks for stopping in on my blog. I love your name. I seem to have a thing for Scottish names. But I am not sure how to pronounce it. So can you do a pronouciation guide? I know it seems easy to you, but I'm from America where Susan is our hardest name. :-)

Kitchen Bitch said...

Carole, hello,
Umm... how to pronounce my name...?
Probably the best way to think of it is like Cheryl but without the Ch or Meryl without the M. I used to know a man who called me B because he was convinced my name was really Beryl but I knocked the B off to sound more exotic!

Unfortunately Eryl isn't Scottish, but Welsh: I live in Scotland only because thirty odd years ago I fell in love with a Scot.

PS. You've convinced me: I'll get the bag, maybe ebay can help!

Carole said...

Very nice. Sort of like Errol Flynn then. I heard that my grandparents came here from Wales but were Scots. I never knew them. But my maiden name is rare here in America and the only ones with it are my relatives. So after looking at your blog, I went to google and put in Wales and my maiden name and voila...Now I am going to have to due further research and all because of your very cool Eryl name.

Eryl Shields said...

And the next thing you know you'll be on a plane to Cardiff... Wales is a vey beaufiful country with a fantastic coastline well worth the visit, as long as you don't mind rain. I don't think I'd be able to make it sound as gorgeous as you make Montana sound though.

Yes I'd forgotten about Flynn, that used to be my nickname at school, I hated it then but would love it now!