Saturday, 10 February 2007

Food Heaven

I’ve just had the most delicious honey on toast: day old baguette sliced length-ways, lightly toasted before being put back under the grill with a slab of butter on top. Butter melts and then honey goes on and everything drips down one’s arm to the elbow as one eats contentedly. I particularly like that slight sticking to the teeth sensation and the salty butter and sweet honey combo: Bliss.

On the topic of food, which given my name it’s hardly surprising, I adore. I had the most delicious meal at a friends house the other evening. His recipe really must be shared: Savoury bread and butter pudding. He’d stuffed it with spinach and mushrooms and sprinkled it with cheese: Yum. I reckon it would also be great stuffed with spicy sausage and onions. All you have to do is take a basic bread and butter pudding recipe and omit all the sweetening ingredients. Then layer with your chosen savoury ones and bake for the stipulated time. If using sausage I’d say it would be best to skin and crumble it first, and if using onion it may be best to sauté in butter until soft. I always use cream and good, organic bread in such a pudding and would recommend this highly. The options are limitless: bacon and cheese; ham and tomatoes; savoury mince; haggis; roasted vegetables; smoked fish. It could also just be flavoured with herbs and used as a side dish, an alternative to potatoes or rice or whatever. For example, sprinkling a little rosemary amongst the slices of bread it might be a fab accompaniment to roast lamb. Or, what about lemon and tarragon to go with roast chicken? I’ll be experimenting this weekend. It could be the ultimate winter comfort food. Why hadn’t I thought of it myself?

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Kim Ayres said...

Of course the biggest problem of butter & honey running down to the elbow is that no matter how hard you try, you cannot lick your elbow :)