Monday, 22 January 2007

Retaking the kitchen

Due to certain happenings late last year my husband took over all kitchen duties. Now it is mine again. Yesterday I went back in, after a break of over two months, to take a good look and re-establish my position: crikey. There was stuff all over the counters, the cooker was so filthy that after I'd cleaned it I didn't have the energy to cook. We ended up getting chinese. I still haven't quite got it the way I like it and I can't work in the wrong sort of space. Then today I got back from work - more of which in a minute - and went in to make a cup of coffee. Remnants of last nights chinese now added to the general dissary: grim. I had to unfocus my eyes to get the coffee made and then leave at speed. Oh god, when will I get time to sort it all out? Is it all men, or just the one I happen to have attached myself to, that don't quite care enough to properly clean up after themselves? Actually, does it really matter? The only one that affects me is this one, who in every other respect (give or take) is THE one. I love him dearly but I just wish he cared about kitchens, or general tidyness, as much as me. We'd get along so much better that way. After all, I'm not obsessive. But a general standard of order is required here. And then there are the pressures of work.
This morning I went to the first of a weeks worth of dissertation workshops (ok, so I'm a student, still). After which I will have to produce a research proposal, followed by a twelve to fifteen thousand word dissertation on lord knows what. Feeling slightly anxious. But, I do it because I love it, mostly anyway. Sometimes I hate it, especially when I have to come home to a stinking kitchen. I do so wish one didn't need money to get help: what I need is someone who loves cleaning and is interested in philosophy so we can swap interests. When I come home late afternoon it could be to a sparkling house and an eager ear: joy!
Still, today, although I came home to a crummy kitchen and an awe inspiring workload, I also have a whole bar of lavender chocolate to comfort me, an hour or two to read, and then my husband will come home clutching a bottle of wine. Joy or what?


Kim Ayres said...

The kitchen will get cleaned from top to bottom when you sit down to write your dissertation. Suddenly you'll realise you can't start writing without a coffee, and you can't have a coffee until the entire kitchen has been cleaned. And another day passes before you start.

Good to see your blog up and running :)

If you ever want to chat about or discuss the philosophy, I have a degree in it - just give me a shout :)

Kitchen Bitch said...

Hello, how lovely: I have contact!
You're right of course, I can feel a whole spring clean coming on.

Mmm... you might just be the 'critical friend' I'm told I need. You may be very sorry you mentioned your degree. Do you know anything about Rorty's theory of language and identiity?

Kim Ayres said...

I must admit I hadn't heard of Rorty before - a quick look on Wikipedia suggests that he's probably become more prominent since I graduated 12 years ago, and he sounds interesting though.

By the way, because you have your blog set up so that it doesn't allow anonymous comments, then anyone who doesn't have a blogger account can't comment.

I leave mine open - it's very rarely abused and allows more people comment access. If you start getting too much spam, the word-verification thing deals with 99% of it.

Kitchen Bitch said...

Thanks Kim I will rectify that now. By the way have you heard that Glasgow University is thinking of withdrawing from the Crichton in Dumfries? This is where I am doing my degree. If you are free tomorrow (24th) at mid-day we are holding a protest, to which we have invited the press, if you, and anyone else you know, could come and lend support it would be very much appreciated. This will surely affect the whole of Dumfries and Galloway.

Yeah Rorty... I only heard of him a couple of weeks ago, but he is definitely quite interesting. He seems to have come in for quite some criticism too which makes him fertile dissertation material.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Hey, KitchenBitch. With a name like that, you might be assured to have a reason for it.

One post and a couple of pictures...? I am intrigued.

Kim is so funny. I watched how my sister did her dissertation for her masters in education. One never saw a better organized kitchen than hers when she was a student.

I suppose we will have to just wait until you finish your dissertation then. It should be interesting. Best of luck to you.

Kitchen Bitch said...

Thank you jupiter's girl. I don't think I've ever been considered even remotely intriguing before. New post coming up shortly, today even! I've been busy campaigning. Will stick another photo up too. Nice to hear from you.

Alistair Livingston said...

Hi Eryl, thanks for you comment on Westlandwhig. I have just blogged some Save our Campus press clippings. I will blog all the news stories I can find as well.

I am only part-time student, so not quite sure how campaign is going.

You mention a meeting on Thursday - which meeting is this? I am hoping to see Ben Franks that day, so will be on Campus.

my email is alistairliv@aol.com